The reason for me advocating to live in a simple vastu compliant house is “Success without any loss.

What is success?

Generally people think Success includes any member of the family being famous, rich, etc. Many do not even bother to think that success or happiness is also about good relationships (including marital), good health to all the family members, etc.

What is loss?

Well…loss, according to me, includes, one of the family member being/suffering –

  1. mentally ill/Dyslexia
  2. physically handicapped
  3. sudden death/accident/suicide
  4. remaining unmarried
  5. remaining childless
  6. loss of spouse due to death, divorce, etc
  7. dreaded diseases like cancer, sudden heart attack, etc.

If an individual loves his family and doesn’t want any of his family member to suffer from any of the above, the only option for him is to seek the protection from the ever dependable universe which is available in the simple form as to how a place of residence should be constructed as per vastu. Many people think of only money as the criteria for a successful life. Well, only an individual can say how fulfilled his life is when he faces any one of the above losses inspite of having a lot of money. Just try to ask a person who has lost his loving husband/wife, father/mother, daughter/son, brother/sister how he/she feels. Only he/she knows the suffering one undergoes. Money is also one among the most important criteria which is required for a balanced fulfilled life. Research in the field of vastu shows that a person living in a vastu compliant house can freely look to only attracting and earning money and that he does not require to waste his time, money & energy in unwanted things like going to court, hospitals, etc. Here, I would like to mention a very important fact i.e. one should remember that nothing can be changed regarding what has happened earlier. But, a lot can be done to have a good future.

Can any person easily get to live in a vastu compliant house?

No. It is not easy for a person with bad attitude to get himself into a vastu compliant house. For a person to get himself to live in a vastu compliant house, he has to make himself eligible to reside in such a house. Not all persons can get to live in a vastu compliant house even though he may be super rich. A person with only good attitude can attempt and get to live in a vastu compliant house. Hence, being a good natured individual is of utmost importance for getting to live in a vastu compliant house. That is the nature’s way to take care of the good natured individuals, by making them aware of the existence of this knowledge.

When we are not on the path of peace or joy, how can it lead to happiness. If we are on the path of happiness, should we not feel the increase of joy or peace everyday. If we are going towards the source of light, should we not be able to feel the increase of light at each and every step we take forward. Shouldn’t we be alert to the happenings around us, if something is not comfortable. It is for us to think and decide about our future which includes the future of our near and dear ones. Lucky of being born in our country, should we not properly utilise the knowledge and wisdom of our Gurus & Ancestors. Happy Living! 🙂

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