An unknown historical fact is the heartbreaking incident that occurred 500 years ago. Jain King Kumud was ruling Goa. Portuguese captured Goa by forcibly removing him.

The Catholic clergy along with the Portuguese army attacked in large numbers to convert innocent people. The clergy captured the entire city of Goa, threatening and forcing people to convert. Those who opposed conversion and refused to convert, were brutally killed.

The Christian missionaries threatened to convert Jain King Kumud and all 22,000 Jains of Goa to convert to Christianity within 6 months, abandon Jainism and accept Christianity or face death, but King Kumud and Jains were ready to die and refused conversion.

During the six months, Christian Xavier tried everything to convert the Jains like Sam(politely)-daam(money), Dand(punish)-bhed(divide). The Jains did not convert. The cruel Xavier Portuguese killed them all.

In a large field, King Kumud and the righteous audience, boys and girls, were tied up. Then started slaughtering one after the other mercilessly. Christian Xavier was smiling at his face. Xavier said this will be the condition of those who are not ready to become Christian. It was a desire to convey this message to the world

The main population of Catholicism appreciated Xavier and for that. Xavier was honored by giving diverse terrain. after this bloodshed, Francis Xavier was recognized as St. (Saint) Xavier.

Later the name St. Xavier was added to the category of English schools and colleges in India. Today, the largest school network in India is St. Xavier’s. 

In a school run by the name of a cruel Christian pastor filled with the blood of thousands of Jains and Hindus, people are ready to send their children to study by paying large amounts of donations. After knowing this history we should take inspiration from them and raise our voice against conversion.

The influence of Westernization and  Christianity is increasing in today’s living. People are forgetting the date-month of Hindu Panchang. Hindu identity is decreasing. The termites of westernization are weakening us from inside. 

Christianity looks like a decent, well educated and peace-loving society. The purpose of which is to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ and help the poor. The reason for this recognition is the image created by the Christian society.

In India, Christian missionaries are openly carrying out conversions by fooling tribals and poor, abusing Hindu deitiessending Hindu monks and Sant in jail, refusing to speak Bharat Mata ki Jai in convent schools, mehndi is not allowedHindu festival is forbidden to be celebrated, even on Hindu festivals, holidays are not given and they are taken out of school for speaking Bharat Mata ki Jai and celebrating Hindu festival, yet the government does not take any action on them.

The Christian missionaries are also heavily funding in the media,

so the media does not show any misdeeds against the clergy of the church, even if a Hindu saint-saint gets a false accusation, then they get 24 hours of news on it.

In India, so many atrocities against Hindus are being done by Christian missionaries, yet very few Hindus are speaking against these missionaries

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