In a shocking development, WAQF board has filed petition in Gujarat High Court claiming ownership of some Bet Dwarka islands. This fact came as surprise and stern warning to many when the Sunni Muslim WAQF board committee claimed a few islands of Dwarka as their property. As per a report in Gujarati daily Divya Bhaskar, the hearing of the application was heard in the court of Justice Sangeeta Vishen.

Screengrab of the report by Divya Bhaskar

The Waqf committee in its application claimed that the ownership of two islands on Bet Dwarka island belongs to the Waqf Board. On hearing this, the Gujarat High Court expressed disproval and hit out, “Are you aware of what you are saying? How can Waqf Board claim ownership of land in Krishnanagari?’ and refused to hear the application.

The Divya Bhaskar report states that there are total 8 small islands in the Bet Dwarka cluster. The Sunni Waqf Board has written application staking ownership claims on them. They have claimed that the land on the nearby islands in Bet Dwarka belong to the Waqf Board. On hearing this, the High Court was upset and asked them to reread their application and submit another revised application in vacation court.

A Google map of the islands.

A local Hindu priest has himself claimed that there are 8,000 Muslims in the of population of 10,000. They are hardly 2000 Hindus in the Island and needs supports from devotees to carry on with temple.

The newly built mosques on the island.

Bet Dwarka was the residence of Shri Krishna during the time he ruled Gujarat. It is a small island off the coast of Dwarka & one needs to take about 30 minute boat-ride from Okha.

Bet Dwarka is a religious place. Apart from its religious importance, it is important for national security as it is very close to water border with Pakistan.Against this backdrop, Wakf Board claiming rights over Bet Dwarka is both religious provocation and dangerous for national security, as claimed by experts.

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