“We live in a country where brutally murdering a Hindu is not considered a criminal offence”

The above statement totally overlaps with the reality after the Delhi High Court grants bail to 6 accused in the murder case of 22 year Dilbar Negi during Delhi riots. The name of the six accused are Tahir, Shahrukh, Mohd. Faizal, Mohd. Shoaib, Rashid and Parvez who have been granted bail by the Delhi High Court.

During the Delhi Riots which was propagated by the muslim community, Dilbar Negi of 22 years old was brutally murdered. He was burnt alive after his limbs were hacked. First his limbs were being cut and then his body was thrown to fire. But the sorry state of investigation and abysmal failure to put together competent evidence has made sure Negi gets no justice.

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