On 10th of June, Hindus saw how their tolerance was crushed under the toes of Islamists. Thw episode was a reminder for Hindus that the process of turning India into Islamic Republic of India has now begun. Violence was unleashed by muslims in various parts of the country. Yesterday was Friday and after the Friday prayers, muslims in various cities came up together to unleash violence upon the Indian State. Stones were pelted on the policemen making many of them injured, Temples were attacked, Ashok Chakra in Tricolour was being replaced by Kalma, Violent slogans calling for the beheading of Nupur Sharma were raised in top of voices. The most horrifying picture was seeing the effigy of Nupur Sharma hanging in the middle of Belagavi Ford Road, Karnataka. But the question arises were these rights pre- planned. Vijay Patel, username (@vijaygajera) wrote a brilliant thread answering the question. Here is the thread he wrote.

1. Yesterday riots were taken place all over India after Friday prayers in the masjids.
Riots did not happen suddenly. It was pre-planned!

2. SDPI, a Radical outfit and political wing of PFI has organized protests all over India.You will find this same banner in every rally of yesterday’s protest against India and Hindus.

3. In this video, SDPI officials challenge the Indian authorities and raise slogans like ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’
The public is reacting too! https://t.co/A4xtvYFf9X

4. In this video radical SDPI leader is warning that this is not the India of 1992!
Warning Hindus to leave this country! https://t.co/7h02XoOgmn

5. Another radical leader is demanding to give Nupur Sharma and Navin Jindal to them! https://t.co/N8RzN2dEsf

6. This hate against Brahmin and Hindus can be seen in their speech.
They want to do politics by spreading fear in Muslims! https://t.co/x8NTM4p07f

7. Another place and another radical leader of SDPI.He is talking here that why SDPI has been created! https://t.co/K0nzgCxAF

8. Radical slogans like ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ was part of every rally. https://t.co/0e3TNoUNJU

9. You hear ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ Slogan in this different rally of SDPI too https://t.co/TYA9Y7VkVJ

10. Edited songs with radical lyrics like this are all over social media. https://t.co/qBXjrYzTRx

11. If other political parties think that, this is not their issue, they should listen to this radical leader of SDPI.
He is saying ‘Haramkhor’ to parties like Congress and SP
(Video is not clear because it was FB live) https://t.co/lhNoXu86TY

12. This organized hate speech by radical SDPI leaders has triggered the audience, which leads to riots in many places in India

13. Here is a video of West Bengal. They are mocking and challenging Mamata Didi there!
They are openly saying that the CM chair is given by Muslims to her https://t.co/qaSZAU3mjy

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