Our grand old political party becomes now a grand confused party. Some congress leaders are opposing the decision of EC for 8 phase election.

While on the same some of their leaders who comes from West Bengal are saying that we requested Election Commission for this and that’s why EC scheduled 8 phase election.

And this decision will help to conduct free and fair elections in West Bengal. Look what Adhir Ranjan Chaudry said during an interview with ANI.

So, now you easily understand from what Congress is going through.

Now, as far as Mamata Banerjee is concerned, the same Mamata Banerjee Before she came to power in 2011, had been demanding publicly that without a seven to eight ht-phased poll, elections can’t be held in a free and fair manner in Bengal. This demand we’re made when CPI was in power in Bengal and now same Mamata Banerjee has problems when EC is conducting the election in 8 phase.

Now, let’s understand why eight phased poll is required for West Bengal election state election. So, let’s take a story that comes yesterday. Here a 70+ years old lady is beaten by TMC goons for reasons that his son is a member of BJP and he is attending BJP rallies. TMC enter her house beaten her and also said not to support BJP in future.

Many stories like these are coming from Bengal every day some time TMC leaders openly threatens BJP members and their supporters, and also attacks on leaders become common in West Bengal. This is the real condition of West Bengal right now.

Eight phased polls will help in conducting the election in free and fairway. In short phase election EC, can’t deploy central force’s to each and polling booth in large numbers which can be easily done in long phase election. So, I think this one is a good decision. In a democracy, everyone should be allowed to cast their votes freely without any fear.”

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