All three are staunch belief systems and at first glance it is not easily evident what explains their buddy-buddy attitudes with each other.  However, each of these systems have realized that they are similar to wobbly legs of a table, who need each other to keep Abrahmism alive.  A few plausible explanations are as follows:

1) The similarities between Christians and Muslims are not difficult to understand.  Each of these systems arose away from the East and have used various tools to keep their dominance alive not just in the West but also in the East.  Methods include Imperialism, colonization, and now Neo-colonization, or Globalization (discussed below).  Both Christianity and Islam have a book they follow, including belief in middle-men as Prophets or Messengers of God.  Their common enemies have always been Pagans, including Jews, Hindus, Buddhist, Parsis, Jains, Sikhs, etc.  Christians convert people out of ‘love,’ with the reasoning that they don’t want to see Pagans go to Christian hell.  Muslims convert people or even obliterate them as anyone non-Muslim is sub-human according to their beliefs. 

Though these two religions might seem different, there are many overlaps, including a common enemy.  Each believes that their way is the right way and for now, in India they are not in-fighting as much as they have historically in the West as the elites realize that they have a common goal to fulfill first.  The two systems are not fans of each other per se, but each have compromised with the other for now – as long as one of them prevails over Pagans, their efforts will be counted as being successful.  Division of the Pagan loot will come later; all the Pagans need to be wiped out first. 

Christians are using Muslims as tools to promote some sense of Abrahamism forward in the world.  As Christians are turning non-religious the world over, Islam continues to thrive via land jihad or illegal encroachments, and the most recent phenomena – refuge take-over of European states.  Thus, the only religion keeping Abrahamism alive right now is Islam, not Christianity.  

2) The Islamic-Communist bhaichara is perhaps the most interesting.  Muslims follow a strict belief system and though Communists may be believers per say, their stance of supposed Atheism is very much a belief system.  They believe that there is no God.  These two belief systems also realize that they have a common enemy – the Pagan believers.  The Islamic-Commie network is not built to last, but then again, networks are not built to last.  Once a common goal is achieved, networks often disintegrate. The Islamists are fascinated with the concepts of equality touted by Communists, not realizing that Communism is a failed system. 

Similarly, Communists, who are generally non-believers or have no self-accountability are fascinated with the discipline seen in the religion of Islam.  Communists are also intrigued by concepts such as hoors beyond this life.  Communists may not believe in a higher power, but they surely do wonder about the “what if….” question regarding booty and bounty in Islamic heaven.  These Islamic-Communist nexus has found a tool in democratic systems – i.e. Liberal agendas.  These systems invest in propping up leftist and democratic candidates around the globe so that they can influence any given State via their religious agendas under the pretense of empowerment, racial and religious equality, and new-age wokeism.  Christianity is not seen as a minority by any lens.  Thus, Leftist candidates are tools, mouthpieces, puppets, of the Islamic-Communist network.

3) Christo-Commie network is the most mind-blowing.  How did this bhaichara evolve when the Church is supposed to be separate from the State?  In fact, the Church and State were and are separate so that each can support the other.  Meaning, from a macro perspective, there is no real separation in actuality.  The State hegemony keeps the Church alive.  Similarly, the wealthy Church supports the State.  However, a wrench has been thrown in this cozy relationship.  Each has realized that without a rising influx of believers, both the Church and the State suffer. 

Christianity has rightly observed that they are losing believers left and right and that they desperately need to bring in new flocks of converts in order to keep their world-dominance alive.  As more and more people around the world identify themselves as non-religious, and spiritual, Christianity’s hook on the world is fast disappearing.  Thus, the Church, via lobbying efforts which now include Multinational Corporations (MNCs) as fellow players, has begun to grow it’s influence in places where they have failed as colonizers.  Therefore Globalization is the form of Neo-Colonialism which uses economics as a tool to ‘convert’ the natives

The Communist aspect here is the dominance of a few, key players who change the rules in the middle of the game and are accountable to no one.  The Commie state prevents true competition, which gives rise to dictatorial regimes, including big companies who run the show with puppets as their mouthpieces.

In a fast developing place such as India, MNCs, along with (fake) image building arms – NGOs wreak havoc on society in the name of ‘social program,’ ‘health,’ ‘welfare,’ ‘education,’ etc. on the indigenous people.  NGOs are specific tools which are used by Christians, Communists, MNCs, as as intimidation and crooked techniques such as love jihad, and brainwashing of Pagan populations via the media – print, films, etc., are used by Islamists to convert, diminish and eventually negate the Pagans.  Each is working very hard, and each system seems to have bottomless resources.

Recent moves by silencing indigenous voices in India, Australia etc., is not a coincidence.  Twitter, Facebook, along with their Muslim and Christian lobbies and ‘gentle’ brethren NGOs are continuously trying to influence native psychology, including inciting fear, promoting violence and guiding voter behavior.  

Why is this happening? 

1) From an Abrahamic religious standpoint, Pagans don’t have a right to exist.  India is an anomaly they cannot comprehend because Pagans are not just existing but in fact, thriving, in spite of their influence and atrocities.  This contributes to chronic diarrhea conditions for Abrahamics-Commies. 

2) India is a large piece of pie.  It’s the last bastion which they are unable to blast through.  Efforts to divide it up are well worth the money and resources.  Just when we think we were decolonized, we are being recolonized, though the tools are much more sophisticated. 

The Modi government was not able to effectively explain the importance of what Atma Nirbhar means.  Economic independence is a tool which India should fast cultivate.  The riots and exposed toolkits have unmasked the vicious snakes behind the breaking India agenda and unless India truly becomes INDEPENDENT/totally Atma Nirbhar, it cannot avoid the adharmic, Christo-Islamic-Commie orgies taking place on Indian soil.  


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