A younger brother (radicals and west) with only barbarism capability entered eldest brother’s (Bharat) premises. The eldest brother was far ahead in life timeline and had everything advanced. The younger one came, looted, enslaved the eldest brother with barbaric capacity.

Then when he left, he told the eldest that you are just born (India) poor infant. Science, math, culture… everything is my contribution which is correct for the West as per their life timeline. For them geometry, physics, math came after 17th century while we already had applied all of that and have precise temple structures as living evidences.

Some fools laugh it out when Yogiji claims he will re-name back areas as they were. If you are Bharat you are thousands of years old. If you are India you are just born in 1947. Fools like Saif Ali khan and most sickulars do believe that we were born in 1947 ?? because they haven’t read Vedic Janapadas structure nor ancient Bharat Gan-tantra (derived from Ganpati, Ganrajya, … theories).

Re-naming is an ancient war strategy. The victim loses the identity, pride and the reason to fight. Main reason why Indian Muslims today have muslim names, cities and areas have looters name.

The rates of conversion were Rs 4 per man and Rs 2 per woman, while many were given option to convert or die during Islamic rule.

Furious after 1971 war looking at India’s might, the West decided to push the Word “South Asia” for the region which was mostly addressed as “Indian Subcontinent” till 70s. The idea was to remove Indian identity for the region. It’s working. I too have to use the same word “South Asia” ?.

A gradual persecution and cutting out Bharat from inside area by area to make South Asia.

The communists started writing endless articles further reducing the idea of Bharat by stressing Bharat in fact is only Poor, Unhygienic and orthodox Rural areas of India.

The Chicha who became our 1st PM struck so many deals to sit as PM, it’s simply disgusting. “India that is Bharat… is what Constitution reads. The word India is derived from mispronunciation of the West as usual of Hindu, Sindhu and was sold to us by saying its derivation of Indus. Records of western spelling and pronunciation mistakes like bratra – brother, matra – mother, pitra – father… became official words of English language.

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