Above image: Symbol of Illuminati where “G” means Geometry

Now many of us may have come across this word called “Illuminati”,some may know it as conspiracy theory and some from the fiction novel written by an American author Dan Brown in one of his books,while some from History lessons.

  • what is Illuminati and their History of origins?

Illuminati is a secret society or organisation. There are many conspiracy theories associated with it. It is an enlightenment era society.

It is said that Freemasonry is different from Illuminati. Freemasonry is said to have existed from the age of Pythagoras and there are claims that Freemasonry started when Stone mason guilds merged with Rosicrucianism (a mythical 15th century knight named Rosenkreuz is said to have started a movement called Rosicrucianism which was a secret society).

Illuminati members or Illuminists are said to have infiltrated the Freemasonry in order to achieve their agendas. The word Freemason is given to a person where Freemason means “Free thinking person”.

Illuminati was found by Adam Weishaupt who had a Jewish lineage and was educated in jesuit school,his family’s rejection of Judaism made him to start his own religion with twisted vision on how a man should be governed. It is said that Illuminati was founded to find “Scientific truths” and it’s goal is said to achieve the “Scientific truths”.

Above image: Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt

Illuminati follows the concept of gnosticism,which means attaining salvation through knowledge.

There are 33rd degree of rank in Illuminati.

Illuminati was founded in Bavaria,Germany on May 1st,1776 by Adam Weishaupt(labour’s day is on May 1st). The headquarter is in Inglostadt,Germany.

The world’s first grand lodge of Freemasonry was established in London in 1717.

What does this 33rd degree of Freemasonry mean?

It is the rank or level of a respective Freemasonry’s qualification. It is said in order to become 33rd degree freemason,you should have minimum 5 degrees.

According to Hinduism,there are 33 types of Gods.

Here Deva means God in Sanskrit.

According to the Medical Science, there are 33 numbers of vertebrae in human Spine.

According to Hinduism there are 7 Chakras in Humans(all this comes under Spirituality)

It is believed that in order to attain enlightenment your soul position should be in Violet Chakra(Crown or Shahasara Chakra).

In Illuminati 33rd degree freemason rank is the highest rank of all.

It is believed that Illuminati is working to promote NWO(New World Order) agenda. In Hinduism we have this concept called “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” (the world is one great family).

Some people believe that Motilal Nehru,Swami Vivekanand,Muhammad Ali Jinnah(creator of Pakistan) and even Jawaharlal Nehru were all Freemasons and almost all Indian freedom fighters were Freemasons.

Giuseppe Mazzini (Italian revolutionary,a 33rd degree Freemason) responsible for unifying Italy as a nation and an American General Albert Pike(a Luciferan and 33rd degree Freemason) often wrote to each other.

Above images: Giuseppe Mazzini and Albert Pike

In a letter dated August, 15th 1871 to Albert Pike, a 33rd degree Freemason from an Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini who is also a 33rd degree Freemason,the plan to consolidate the world under the direction of Lucifer through 3 world wars was laid out. Pike’s letter was made public in 1958 by Royal Canadian Navy intelligence officer William Guy Carr in his book “pawns in the game”.

Above images: Illuminati’s plan for 3 world wars

From the above images, it can be said that Pakistan was created as a nation to accelerate NWO and not as a separate nation for Muslims because it is rumoured that Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a Freemason.

It is said that Illuminati secretly control the world by controlling the government of different countries. They have world wide networks and they communicate in code language or sign language called “Masonic Handshakes”.

Above image: Masonic Handshakes

But despite their secrecy,the Illuminati were exposed in 1784 by the Bavarian government.Some members of the Illuminati were arrested,while most fled the Bavaria and this only helped Illuminati to grow further.

Some claim that Illuminati was created as a revolt against the Churches ruling or controlling in Scientific matters(Scientist Galileo Galilei was made blind for arguing against Church that Earth revolves around the Sun and not other way around).

Members of the Illuminati were all scientists,professors,dukes and many important people.

Many people believe that Illuminati doesn’t exist anymore and it was banned by Bavarian government in 1784. While some believe that Illuminati still exists and they operate in complete secrecy under various different names like Bilderberg group, Skulls and Bones society etc.

The word “Illuminati” or “the order of Illuminati” was given by a Bavarian professor Adam Weishaupt. The word “Illuminati” is said to be derived from the word Illumination which means light and when taken in context of Spirituality means “enlightenment” (an illuminating disc or halo like Sun which is represented in godly like figures behind their head I.e Jesus Christ)

The Illuminati is commonly recognized by its symbol of one eye in Triangle of radiating light.

Above image: the logo of British intelligence agency

The symbol logo of British intelligence agency is seen to resemble the Triangle of Illuminati.

Above image: Illuminati symbol behind US dollar

What is New World Order or NWO?

It is believed that Illuminati is working to promote NWO(New World Order) agenda where there would be one world government,religion,military,economy,society all enforced under a single world ruler.

Some people believe that Illuminati was behind French revolution of 1789, where the French monarchy was overthrown by the French people and democracy was adopted as a system of government.

Illuminati is said to be behind every major wars in History from French revolution onwards till date.

There are many claims that president of USA,John F Kennedy was assassinated for trying to expose the Illuminati.

It is said that Illuminati was behind the creation of communism,modern financial system,new age propaganda movements designed to affect your mind and there is not an area in your life that has not been affected by the Illuminati.

“Ordo ab Chao” or Order of Chaos is a verse used by Illuminati where there will be a new order born out of Chaos.

To answer how much all of these are true, In a 1990 US presidential speech the then President of USA George H W Bush talks about New World Order agenda which is shocking indicating that such goals may exist.

Illuminati wants the world to be under the direction of Lucifer, Lucifer is a devil in Christian Bible who is anti-Christ. But it is to be noted that Lucifer is actually a Pagan God which represents planet Venus. Lucifer is also known as “Evening Star”.

These are some of the information available on Internet, still it is a very debatable topic whether Illuminati exists or not.

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