The Kerala state legislative assembly elections are barely 4-5 months away. Looking at the recently concluded local body elections it seems the Communists may again form the government. Kerala is the last remaining Communist bastion in India. Lets understand how the communists typically establish themselves. Once the communists come to power they implant their cadres in the govt positions, and more importantly the police. Due to this, the left cadres or left leaning persons get preferred over others. This ensures the safety net of the communist parties in political power. I have also seen, once communist parities lose, they never come back again. That’s because the new parties try to dismantle the administrative system communists’ have created all along. And once their protective shield vanishes, they never come back to power.

Lets see what should be done in Kerala. Kerala has a 55% Hindu population, 26% Muslim population and 20% Christian population. The Muslim and Christian population in its entirety doesn’t vote for BJP. This is how the BJP should strategize:

  1. There used to a church in Turkey(in Istanbul) called Hagia Sophia. After the Ottomans captured Constantinople(now Istanbul) they converted the Church to a mosque. The Hagia Sophia was the most important Eastern Orthodox Christians. The the church had the same value for Eastern orthodox Christians just as Ram Mandir for Hindus or Vatican for the Roman Catholics. After fall of ottoman empire, the first president who is called Ataturk, converted Hagia Sophia to a museum. As we know the current president Erdogan is taking Turkey back to fundamentalist Islam. Recently Turkey decided to convert the Hagia Sophia museum back to a Mosque. This incident had a big impact in Kerala. The Muslims wholly supported the decision, where as Christians opposed it. What BJP should do here: Openly oppose the decision of Erdogan as many European countries have done. That will smooth the ruffled features between Christians and BJP in Kerala to some extent. And on international forums, Turkey has been very anti-India on Kashmir and other issues. BJP in nutshell should try to bring some(if not all) Christians to its fold and try to forge a Hindu + Christian alliance.
  2. Lets be practical, it is not feasible for BJP to form a government in 2021. What BJP should do here is: make the contest triangular so that no party will have a majority. This will force a post poll alliance between Communists and Congress. If this happens, many anti-communist voters(who voted for Congress) and anti-congress voters(who voted for Communists) will move to BJP. The same happened in Bengal.
  3. By 2026, BJP should cement its Hindu + Christian vote bank and make a serious attempt to come back to power. And BJP plays its cards right, it may be successful.

If BJP comes to power once in Kerala, the communists are never going to come back.

It is the national interest for the communists to vanish from India. Believe me, if communists go, Gandhis will go from Congress, and Congress will emerge stronger and shed its anti national stature. Remember 1967, when the communists have saved Indira Gandhi govt and in 2004 when Communists had brought Sonia Gandhi to power. But for the communists, Gandhis would have been ousted long back. Communists have always verbally opposed the Gandhis but provided them with Oxygen when they were almost about to sink. Once Gandhis go, all political dynasties will vanish and India’s polity will be cleaned up in toto.

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