When ramayana was written and who wrote it?

The original Ramayana was written by the legendary poet Maharishi Valmiki. This Ramayana was the first epic. It is referred to written in the Sanskrit Language and was as the Adi-kavya. (Please read our full post on Ramayana: “Short story of Ramayana“)

After that, in the medieval period, many other translations have been done in other languages by different poets. Today’s article is based on When Ramayana was written.

The Ramayana was translated in Awadhi language (a dialect of Hindi) by Tulsidasji Maharaj. He is considered as a very excellent poet and is believed to be the incarnation of Maharishi Valmiki only. 

This Awadhi Ramayana was named as Ramcharitmanas. The Kamb Ramayana which was written in Tamil Language was written by Kamban, an epic poet of Tamil Nadu. 

Similarly, a Telugu Ramayana known as Ranganatha Ramayana was written by a Telugu poet named Gona Budda Reddy. The Assamese Ramayana written by Madhava Kandali, an excellent poet of Assam, was the Saptakanda Ramayana.

The Marathi Bhavarth Ramayan was written by Sant Eknath who was a pure devotee of Lord Vishnu. ThunChattu Ezhuthachan, a legendary poet of Kerala wrote the Malayalam Adhyatma Ramayana. An Urdu Ramayana was also written by an Urdu poet, Brij Narayan Chakbast. 

The Ramayana is a very sacred text for Hindus. It is read by millions of Hindus daily. It has been considered to be a very divine book and can bless the reader as well as the listener. 

Only by listening to this Epic, our sins can be destroyed, and we can attain Moksha. Certain verses of this book are said to save from problems and difficulties if chanted properly.

There are many verses in this book, which if chanted regularly can destroy many problems and difficulties and provide prosperity. The Ramayana is said to contain huge knowledge and wisdom.

It contains lectures and discourses on many philosophical and spiritual aspects of Life. It teaches us how to be an Ideal man and handle the situations of Life.

The Characters of this Epic are portrayed in such a way that they teach us many lessons. Lord Rama is portrayed as an ideal man, ideal leader, ideal husband etc. Sita is portrayed as an ideal wife.

Laxman as an ideal brother and Hanuman as an ideal devotee. All the characters of the epic teach us a specific lesson of life. (Please read our full post on Ramayana: “Short story of Ramayana“)

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