An AK 47 rifle costs several lakhs of Rupees, a hand grenade costs several thousands, a terrorist takes several lakhs as monthly salary. Sponsoring terrorism takes a lot of money.

Jammu and Kashmir has received 10 per cent of all Central grants given to states over the 2000-2016 period, despite having only one per cent of the country’s population. In contrast, Uttar Pradesh makes up about 13 per cent of the country’s population but received only 8.2 per cent of Central grants. That means J&K received Rs.91,300 per person over the last sixteen years while Uttar Pradesh only received Rs.4,300 per person over the same period.

Lets analyze the below questions:

  1. Why Pakistan pours so much money in Kashmir terrorism? There are no free lunches in world.
  2. What will Pakistan gain by capturing Kashmir? India needs Kashmir as India will get access to Afghanistan(and Central Asia) through Gilgit Baltistan. China needs Gilgit Baltistan to reach Arabian sea. Pakistan already has access to Central Asia through Afghanistan and Arabian sea.
  3. Pakistan has nothing to gain if it even gets J&K. Then, why will Pakistan pour money from it’s pocket when it has always been going through such dire economic crisis? That means some one else is paying the Pak Army for the terrorism.
  4. The development in J&K is very low. No roads, no schools, no development. Where did the Central money go?
  5. Why many in India and Kashmir were so vociferous supporters of Article 370 and 35A? If they are not gaining anything, they won’t support 370/35A so passionately.

There are many anti corruption laws applicable all over India – Prevention Of corruption Act, PMLA, Black Money act, Benami Act etc. None of these were applicable to J&K, before abrogation of article 370.

The 73rd and 74th Amendments established Panchayat and Municipalities all over India, these were not implemented in J&K, there were no Panchayats till very recently. The local bodies build roads, street lights, water supplies etc. But in J&K, the funds supposed to be received and spent by local bodies were siphoned off by State Govt. The civic infrastructure of J&K is extremely poor that the poorest areas of rest of India (and that too after J&K receiving highest grants from Centre).

There are many other such examples, but in nutshell, article 370 acted as a shield for the massive corruption in J&K by not letting many Indian laws and parts of constitution get applied in J&K.

Hence, it can be easily concluded that terrorism in J&K is not being sponsored by Pak, but by left liberal gang sitting in India who benefit from the massive corruption in J&K. Terrorism helped the vested interests in India in the following manner.

  1. Kept successive Govts hands tied from doing further reforms in J&K.
  2. Kept the public attention from corruption and local issues.
  3. Could use force to influence elections. The voter turnout percentage is very less in Kashmir valley, only those vote whom the terrorists permit.
  4. Kept media attention focused on terrorism.

It is our left liberal gang in India who financially benefited from the “GREAT LOOT OF KASHMIR“. It is high time we know who TRUELY sponsors the terrorism in J&K.

We have been blaming Pakistan who is a smaller culprit, we need to know who the larger culprit(backroom guy) is. Pakistan is like a goon fighting against Indian Army, but it is important to understand who has deputed/financed the goon.

And it is no coincidence, after abrogation of 370/35A and application of other laws, terrorism (and corruption) has reduced greatly.

Summarizing, if you link the 3 aspects you can easily decipher who sponsored Kashmir terrorism. We keep blaming Pakistan, the real sponsors of terrorism in J&K is the secular, liberal and left gang of India.

  1. Pakistan is a Bikhari country. Where from it gets so much money for doing terrorism?
  2. Where did all the extra money given for development for J&K vanish. The development in J&K is abysmal and much lesser than states who received far less central funds.
  3. Why so many inside India support 370/35A. They wont if they are not benefiting out of it.

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