Earlier, when someone used the word ‘hair transplants in Punjab’, then people would form an image of the doll-like raised hair in their minds. But since modifications have been done in the procedure to make it the modern, latest and most effective, hair-loss patients have shown considerable faith in the process. Nowadays the people can attain natural-looking results from the procedure.

Now you must be wondering that if the procedure has gotten advanced or progressed then the cost might also be touching the sky. But please do not think like that. The hair transplant cost is considerably low in India as compared to the other regions.

Like these doubts and questions, there are so many others as well which keep on running in the mind of the people. So in this article, we are going to know some of such doubts and the questions:

Is FUE helpful in making you achieve long-lasting results from the procedure?

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. This is the procedure which is known as the advanced version of the FUT. With this procedure, it is very convenient for the patients to expect long-lasting results.

It is because the hair transplant is the best way to restore the hair permanently, that people are relying on this procedure.

After how much time can I expect to see the results?

Every good thing takes some time to happen and so does hair transplantation.

For the initial six months, you should not expect to experience the results. As in this period, the transplanted hair is supposed to fall off to make the way for the new hair to grow. It is after this period, that you will start noticing the signs of the growth of the new hairs and the effectiveness of the procedure.

After how much time can I return to work?

If it is about returning to work, then you have to wait for about 2  to 3 weeks. It’s not like that your body is weak, but the transplanted hair needs some time to get adapted to the conditions of the scalp. So to avoid the risk of the grafts getting misplaced it is advised to stay home for absolutely 2 to 3 weeks.

Why should  I cover my hair before going out in the sun?

It is because of the reason that our hair is extremely sensitive to the harmful UV rays of the sun. So these should not be allowed to get directly exposed to the sun. It is better to cover them with a scarf or a cap before going out.

Why should I not go to the gym?

The activities carried out at gyms or during the exercise are sure to make the person sweat. And this sweating can happen in the scalp. If that takes place, then the transplanted hair may get dislodged or misplaced. To make sure such a thing does not take place, it is important to take complete bed rest for some weeks which does not include going to gyms for sure.

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