While Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot was in detention for protesting against Enforcement Directorate’s interrogation of Sonia Gandhi, the local economy in the region where Kanahiya Lal was beheaded on June 28 has declined by 90%. Kanhaiya Lal who was brutally murdered by two Islamic radicals in Udaipur, Rajasthan, for allegedly supporting Nupur Sharma. Maldas street is one of the most busiest markets of Udaipur which generates a great outcome especially during festivals.

The Dainik Bhasker article states that there are 15 businesses on Udaipur’s Maladaas street, and they did well up until June 28. Nearly 13 out of the total 15 shops want to remain closed following the murder of the Hindu tailor. Customers and store owners alike are frightened to even go out on the street to conduct business.

Two Islamic extremists named Mohammed Riyaz and Mohammed Ghous assassinated Kanhaiya Lal for allegedly defending former BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma following her alleged “blasphemous” remarks. The Islamists, who had entered the store claiming to be customers, stabbed Kanhaiya Lal about 26 times, mostly in the neck, and slashed his throat. Additionally, they recorded the murder on film and posted it online. The murderers had posted a video after the crime, taking ownership of it. Additionally, the pair accused PM Modi of murder.

Dainik Bhasker spoke quoting one of the tailors, who runs the business on the Maladaas street stated, “It has been more than 20 days, but people are still scared. Two people work in my shop. One of them is sick. The second one is scared after the massacre. He informed me that he doesn’t want to work here. His family is not allowing him to leave the house for work. Everyone is scared and shocked to see a policeman standing in uniform outside our shop. Policemen stand outside the shop for two rounds every day.”

Another businessman in Udaipur, claims that before leaving their homes, customers call store owners to inquire about the state of the market. “The consumer calls to inquire about the state of the market before they arrive. Only until they are certain that everything is normal do they choose to come here”, he continued. He further stated that numerous other businesspeople received death threats following the murder of Kanhaiya Lal, which heightened the sense of fear in the city.

SP Vikas Sharma, however, told the media that the market is now entirely normal. He claimed that the police officers stationed at Malda’s street regularly speak with the proprietors of the businesses.

The residents of Udaipur are in a grave fear after three weeks of murder of Kanahiya Lal. Meanwhile Ashok Gehlot is busy serving interest of the dynasty that have gifted him the CM post.

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