12th Jan 1966, Tashkent, Kazakhstan, then USSR (today Russia).

Our beloved PM Shahstriji was found dead in his hotel room. Many people (including his wife and mother) claimed that he was murdered.

It is a fact that something was fishy in his death. Why?

  1. No post mortem was conducted. He was cremated immediately after his body arrived.
  2. The Raj Narain Inquiry could not come up with any valid conclusions. Parliament’s library does not have any records of the inquiry stored. Regardless of the reason behind the death, why the reports are missing or destroyed remains a question.
  3. It was claimed that he died of heart attack. He had no prior history of heart troubles.
  4. During his final minutes, he was continuously pointing to a bottle from where he drank milk before going to bed. All of his belongings were brought back to India except that bottle.
  5. On his dead body, there were cut marks. It was claimed that his organs were removed after his death, so that nothing meaningful can be found during a post-mortem.
  6. His servant Ram Nath and personal Dr. RN Chugh (who had accompanied him to Tashkent) later died in road accidents in India.
  7. The room he was made to stay in Tashkent was isolated and did not have a phone.

Who gained from his death? That’s the best way to understand who may have been involved in the crime (if at all he was murdered).

  1. Indira Gandhi was almost a non-entity in Indian politics. She became the PM immediately after his death.
  2. Gandhi dynasty was established in India which still plays a role in Indian politics.
  3. The communists became powerful and took over the educational and cultural institutions.
  4. Many PSUs were created which became hot beds of corruption, nepotism and loot.
  5. Russian influence in India grew leaps and bounds. And it is no surprise that India still purchases most of its arms from Russia.
  6. Corruption in India skyrocketed during the Gandhi regime.
  7. Jihadi forces started getting official patronage. Hence, our children read stories on greatness of Babur and Aurangzeb.
  8. All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPMB) was established to Islamize the Indian Muslims who earlier followed Indian traditions (in-spite of being converted to Islam).
  9. Seeds of Hindu-Sikh rivalry was sown and Hindus were divided along caste lines.

Based on above information, I would leave it to the readers to analyze the death of our beloved PM “Lal Bahadur Shastri”

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