Lord Shiva is often called by the name of Mahakal. Many of you would have wondered Who is Mahakal and why Lord Shiva is known as Mahakal. In today’s blog post, I will tell you about Who is Mahakal.

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Lord Shiva is said to be the God of death and time. In Sanskrit language, Kala means both time and death. The one who defeats time and death both is known as Mahakal. Lord Shiva conquers time and death, so he is the worthy of bearing this name.

In the Dwapur yug, There used to be the rule of King Agrasen  in Ujjain. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Mahakal. He had a friend, a Shivgana ( followers of Lord Shiva) named Manibhadra. Once, Manibhadra gave King Agrasen, a Chintamani gem.

The gem was very much precious and was having miraculous powers. The King wore like a locket on his neck. It was so much powerful that along Ujjain, the neighboring states also begin to prosper in wealth and properties. Seeing this the Kings of the neighboring states planned to attack Ujjain and get that gem. 

Now there also lived a Widow Gopi with her single child who was merely 5 years old. When the Kings of neighboring states attacked Ujjain, King Agrasen instantly started worshiping Lord Mahakal. At that time the Gopi,with her child, also came to worship Lord Shiva.

The boy saw the King worshiping the lord. Inspired by him, He also took a stone and assuming it as a shivling, he started worshiping him. By worshiping him, he became so much lost in his work that when his mother called him many times but he didn’t replied. Seeing this, his mother became very much angry and came there. She threw the stone away and beat him with a stick.

Seeing his lord being insulted, the boy got deeply hurted. He started crying. He cried for hours. When he stopped crying, to his astonishment, he saw a huge magnificent temple had appeared there.

In the sanctum sanctorum of that temple was a very beautiful shivling. When the King heard this news, he called that boy and his mother. He honoured them with lots of treasuries and luxuries & went to the mystical and divine temple.

He then worshiped Lord Mahakal. When the other Kings saw this, they realized their  mistake of being greedy and went to the temple and apologized Lord Mahakal.
Suddenly, the mightiest god, Lord Hanuman appeared there.

He said “This shivling is a gift from Lord Shiva to this child. This child has got the blessings of Lord Mahakal. This boy will have 8 generations and in the 8th generation, Kin Nanda will born. In his house, the almighty Lord Vishnu will born himself as Lord Krishna.”

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