The culture of a race or country is known by the location where its TOILETS are made and by what it does when it destroys places of worship.

In Bharat, the marauding Islamists came and destroyed our Temples and holy places of worship (mostly Hindu Temples). They did not stop here. The Muslim invaders and their kings broke the Divine Vigrahas (the Divine idols) and placed them under the staircases of the Mosques/Masjids built over them so that people could step on the Hindu Gods.

The marauding Christians (Europeans) came and destroyed our Vigrahas, made fun of them and then either left them broken or smuggled the beautiful sculptures out of the country into their private homes, gardens or museums.

The Pakistanis destroyed our remaining Temples in Pakistan and converted them into Toilets.

Now the Chinese are destroying Mosques in their country and converting them into Toilets.

Now let’s see what happened in Bharat … The unused Babri Masjid was broken down because it was built over our Temple after destroying it. After 500 years of battle, the title suit was settled in a civil manner through the courts. But the dilapidated Masjid was not converted into a toilet, nor was any holy brick, book or any such thing used as a stepping stone or for a wall in a toilet. Hindus are going to be building a grand place of worship there and are going to offer prayers right there and make the place holier. Not just that, 5 acres of land is being given for building a new Mosque. Says something about our culture, no?

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