Why a Modi out of power will get the best out of Modi in Power. You must be scratching your head: “Modi is in power but you want Modi out of power to get the best out of PM Modi but then, if Modi goes out of power then, this doesn’t make any sense.” Read this post out and then, make up your mind. My point is not necessarily Modi out of power but someone like Modi. Hindu Sanatana Dharmi, Rashtravadis deeply care for Indic causes such as free temple movements, privatization of PSUs, amendment of certain articles of the constitution to give equal rights to Hindus such as establishing religious education institutions of their own or the recent farm reform bills. Modi being a Hindu Rashtravadi also cares for these reforms more so than any other Rashtravadi person. But there are limitations on the post of Prime Minister also. The limitations of the Indian state, judiciary, police, especially the bureaucracy has been exposed in the unreasonable, thuggery in the name of protests of Shaheen Bagh and the recent pseudo-farmer protests. What these events have taught us is that a small group of anti-nationals, misdirected, disgruntled people can be pumped up by well funded anti-national groups, lobbies, NGOs, civil society, foreign intelligence agencies, media to blackmail even the government with absolute majority and create anarchy. This is a simple formula for them. Now, this creates a conundrum for our respected Prime Minister. How much force to use and how to use? These people are masters of playing the victim card and the vulture anti-India media will lash out on even the slightest use of force. The amount of chaos and negativity created for just CAA and farm reforms. Imagine what will they do against the privatization of PSUs, free temple movement or uniform civil code. These reforms seem so difficult for Modi to execute. Because he has to care for the image of not only his or his party but also of his Rashtra. And most importantly, he also has to win elections.

So, how to counter this anti-India brigade who will always create chaos at every major reforms and act of the Modi government? Actually, this was shown by Shree Kapil Mishra ji in his methods to counter the Shaheen Bagh thuggery and then, the anti-Hindu Delhi riots. His actions averted a bigger disaster and saved Hindus who else would have suffered disproportionately in those well-planned riots. Numbers on the ground and show of strength matters. This is how you change the popular narrative. Ramjanmabhoomi Andolan changed the Gandhian-Nehruvian idea of “secular” India and paved way for an Indic renaissance. Modi’s election and mass campaigns in 2014 changed the narrative in a big way, especially in the age of the rise of the internet. But now, Modi ji is the Prime Minister. It’s not possible for him to actively take part in the social movements such as Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi case and create mass movements and narratives. Only if there was someone incorruptible like Narendra Modi out of power who could create such big narratives from time to time. Example, a mass movement for freeing Hindu temples. Such movements will make it much easier for the government to bring those reforms. Imagine if there was a mass movement of farmers in India in support of these farm bills. Such kind of narrative building and show of strength for Indic causes from time to time is necessary. Anna movement was a glimpse of this potential. However, Anna was no Modi and he lacked political depth and smartness. Hence, the outcome of his movement in the form of Aam Aadmi Party turned out to be another typical Urban Naxal party. Hence, I said someone like Modi. You cannot expect Urban Naxals, anti-national elements ever taking advantage of a Modi led movement. I hope some non-political Hindu Rashtravadi leader with mass appeal takes charge of this. People from BJP, RSS will have limitations as to how much extent could they create a movement when BJP itself is in power. At state levels, a lot can be done as is shown by Kapil Mishra in Delhi. However, to awaken Dharmic consciousness of this country and keeping it awakened and energetic is important because the enemies of Bharat are using all the dirty tactics at their disposal and we will always end up reacting to their moves unless we flip the narrative. Remember, voting is important but not enough especially when you’re fighting for a Dharmic Hindu Rashtra.

Originally published for personal blog.

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