10. Baba Ramdev puts money where his mouth is.  He is fit as a fiddle and can out perform any gym rat on the spot.  The Leftist-Liberals – LeLi’s – hate that he’s the REAL thing.

9. Loonies think that a yoga guru should not be making money.  There is nothing in the shashtras or in any asmani kitab or multi-authored schizophrenic “book” that a guru cannot earn money. The logic makes no sense and the $ criteria is a fictional construct made up by loonies.

8. His products work.  Period.  Patanjali is a legit business and it works due to simple supply-demand market forces. Maybe maida wali Maggi type noodle products might have little nutrition value, but so what?  It’s a great way to attract youngsters to develop affinity for Patanjali products and thereby yoga.

7. X-ian missionaries ki chaddi utar di hei Baba Ramdev ne.  While foreign funded NGOs are working on converting the Indian masses to embrace psychopath Jebus in the name of providing “health care,” Ramdev has blown the lid off the missionary enterprise which has gone on unchecked for decades.

6. The loonies hate the yogi Baba as they perceive him to be less polished given he won’t speak the language of the slaves.  So what if the Baba doesn’t speak English?  Logic and rationality can be conveyed in any language.  Perhaps the LeLis are too dhakkan to even understand this concept.

5. The wacko neo-Buddhists too have joined the LeLi-Commie-gihadi orgy in portraying that all ancient and good things about health; yoga and ayurveda came from Buddha.  Therefore, they don’t like a living, breathing, asana-doing Baba Ramdev.  Well, Ayurveda predates Buddha, who utilized Maharishi Patanjali’s yoga treatise for dharana and mindfulness practices and discourse. These dumbos are too daft to understand simple timelines and chronologies about what existed first.  Forget the chicken or the egg, these people would probably argue that the Chinese omelet came first if they are paid the right price.

4. Loonies are jealous of Baba’s popularity. Baba Ramdev’s TV and Netflix show ratings are off the charts.  I’ve witnessed woke idiots complaining about why Ramdev needs a Netflix show and why the number of episodes exceed that of other, religious shows which aired on TV decades ago.  Yep, the logic makes no sense, and their thoughts clearly show jealousy and hatred.

3. Fibrels have tried their best to tarnish Baba Ramdev as he represents Sanatan Dharma and they think that they are arguing on behalf of adharmic, X-ian masters.  Their brown sahib mindset has framed dharma vs. adharma as allopathy vs. Ayurveda.  Mud slinging adn fake narratives is the name of the game; it’s just used to discredit anything amazing and indigenous, and in this case, against Ayurveda and the living-breading, master and emperor of yoga.

2. LeLis should hate the fact that their negative campaign against Ayurveda and Baba Ramdev has had a boomerang effect and thanks to the incessant mad compulsive tweeting about this and related issues, more and more people are now aware of the efficacy of Patanjali drugs. Jai Ho, Liberals.

1. Ayurveda is both, the Mai and Baap of modern medicine.  That’s THE reason why the gentle Baba Ramdev is so hated; he has called spade a spade and exposed all the fake drama going on behind the curtain.  It’s fun to watch the LeLi trolls try to pull their pants up from around their ankles.  This is a problem the dhoti-clad Baba will never have.

Bonus: Baba Ramdev has skin in the game, unlike CEOs of companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola who can’t consume their company’s products because the poisonous products would make them sick. On the other hand, Baba Ramdev can consume Patanjali product line and it will make him better.

Jai Shri Ram, and carry on, Baba Ramdev.  Shastanga Pranams.  May Maharishi Patanjali give you a long life so you can continue showing adharmics a big, clean mirror.

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