Posted as IGP, Home Secretary, Govt of Karnataka, D. Roopa is trending in Twitter and all for bad reasons. Though so far she has not played Women card, she may play it anytime. Needless to say she has already done the required damage to her credibility after she was defeated hands down by True Indology, a Twitter handle known for slaying anti-Hindu self-appointed intellectuals. The True Indology’s Twitter handle is now banned thanks to highhandedness of D. Roopa.

What is the story behind True Indology slaying pseudo intellectual IPS?

So the story goes back to pre-Diwali where a large number of self-appointed guardians of Hindu culture and ethos started giving sermons to Hindus on what to do on Diwali and why should all shun cracker bursting and burning because hurr durr air pollution. Nonetheless, despite all these preaching from pseudo Hindus and secularati gang, Hindus shown their true place and celebrated the festival with fervor. A lot of crackers were burst, nothing could stop an outraged Hindu.

True Indology was asked by D. Roopa to show citations in the Hindu scriptures that show people used to burst crackers. True to his passion and excellent research skills, True Indology showed a number of Shlokas and paragraphs from a range of Hindu texts. Whether it is Vishnu Puran or Anand Ramayan, there are dozens of examples where it has been shown that Hindus knew about fire crackers, although they did not look similar to the modern day crackers.

Needless to say D. Roopa, the IPS went berserk after losing the argument. It has been quite embarrassing for an IPS to lose argument and that too against a faceless Twitter user. How can an IPS take this with straight chin?

Here comes her Revenge

After losing the argumenet against True Indology D. Roopa got embroiled with several other users and started calling them trolls, True Indology’s dogs and pets. This only shows how frustrated she became after losing the online skirmish. Several users contested her intellectual capacity, some even questioned her credibility with regard to her becoming IPS, like how can such a ill informed person become IPS. Needless to say all these allegations started appearing up and they definitely hurt her ego.

So, she did the OBVIOUS, use the law enforcement power given to her to get True Indology banned on Twitter. Such a silly action has shown how brittle these IPS officers are and how brittle their ego is that they feel rattled by just a losing an argument.

Kangana Ranaut comes in support of True Indology

True to her character, Kangana Ranaut, a multiple times national award winner for her acting skills, has supported True Indology and praised his work. It is all well known how Sonia Sena government of Uddhav Thackeray has been witch hunting her, demolished her office in Mumbai and she still facing arrest for some other frivolous case.

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