Bluff, bluff, bluff and lie, lie and lie. This is what puffed-up cadre of communists are known to excel in. Chest-thumping, finger-wagging, the manic drumroll and screeching war-cry at the top of lung, make for a busy day in the life of an average communist.

There are so much that come easy to them, like hypocrisy of much-flaunted position to lead a simple life, but in reality living it up very much in king-size luxury.

For every problem in the society, they provide a ready solution with a freshly coined slogan. Down with capitalism and bourgeois class–goes the rant to deal with the issue of poverty and plight of the downtrodden. Bring the cities to a grinding halt by frequent calls for strikes to solve farmers’ and labourers’ issues. Set the country aflame to show solidarity with so called oppression of minorities.

They wax eloquent on the topic of corruption. TV debates, street protests and op-ed pieces in newspapers show them at their vitriolic best denouncing corruption. Yet, in reality they love Lalus of the world, who is famous for being the standard bearer of corruption in our contry. They love the confluence of all kinds of corruption in our country: Indian national congress and its fountainhead, Antonia Maino.

When called out for their hypocrisy, they srug it off as a natural consequence of their greater ideal of striking a deal with corrupt to fight communal forces unitedly. You can as easy as get tagged a communal for just making your view known that law of the land applies equally to all. You will be called all sorts of names: Sanghi,bigot,Islamophobe and hate-monger. In situations of belief and law coming into conflict with each other, it’s the belief that would take precedence, considering the belief of minority Muslims and never that of majority Hindus. Hindus must strive twice as hard to shoulder the burden of the law not only of their share but also of minorities too, because they are disinclined to do so.

For all the love that the communists have for Muslims, they have no issues with China’s handling of Uighur Muslims. They see no wrong the way they are subjected to inhuman treatment in concentration camps. Communists and Islamists are at one with the spirit of internationationalism when it comes to communism and Umah respectively. They don’t give a second thought before they dump each other, whenever each other’s internationalism cross path.

They snuff out voices of criticism and even kill their opponents as summarily as in a dictatorial regime. They were killing people in Westbengal during decades they were in power. Media houses acquiesced to it and went out of their way in a bid to cover up the rot. Now, they are killing their opponents in Kerala, allowing Jihadi elements to go about their business of religious conversion and violence, and indulging in massive scams. The multi-crore gold smuggling scam is just one of them. Here none else than the chief secretary is directly involved along with his appointee, the lady scamster in CMO. Yet, one sees only a muted voice in the media in its coverage of the whole episode. There would have been a lot of hoolabaloo, if a scam of lesser magnitude had happened in a BJP-ruled state. Pseudos, historians, intellectuals and whatnot would have been up in arms right now.

One wonders, why such kid-glove treatment to such fraudulent lots called communists?

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