Today is 5th August and this date will become one of the most important dates in the coming future. This is the date when the Shilanyas of Bhavya Ram Mandir was done at Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya in 2020. This date is extremely important because this is the date on which this ancient civilization of Bharat truly broke its shackles.

Ram Mandir has become synonymous with Bharat and its ancient civilization. The modern secular India was strangling the ancient Dharmic Bharat but the chokehold was broken by the Supreme Court verdict in favour of the Ram Mandir. The verdict came not only as a victory to Ram Lalla but also to the millions of the silent, docile Hindus who had been waiting since centuries to fully reclaim one of their holiest lands. The struggle for Ram Mandir is unparalleled. Never has the majority population in any country waited so patiently for such a cherished dream.

The construction of the Ram Mandir marks the beginning of the end of a long civilizational struggle. The Hindus were burdened with guilt and shame, just for being Hindus and any Hindu feeling pride in his religion and civilization, were and still are branded as communal. Hindus have been brainwashed into looking down upon their own culture, heritage and civilization. The verdict came as a huge morale boost as no longer could jibes be made about the Hindus not being able to even get the Ram Mandir constructed.

The Bhavya Ram Mandir will also act as a catalyst for restoring Hindu pride and also a resurgent Hindu force. The struggle has been a long one with several champions, some of whom even paid with their lives. The Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra has decided to carry an awareness campaign to educate general public about the long struggle for the Mandir. This can prove to be pathbreaking in the road to Hindu awareness and resurgence.

There is something special about this land of Bharat, this land of Gods, this land and Sanatana Dharma are inseparable, it is like Santana is the soul of Bharat and to truly achieve its potential, Bharat needs to nurture its soul. Hopefully, this journey which has started with Ram Mandir will continue and we will soon see a resurgent self-assured India making strides towards a better future while being proud of its ancient culture and heritage.

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