I keep seeing people talk about Aliens , intelligent life somewhere in our universe .

I find it laughable that people still believe in SIGHTINGS of UFO , aliens etc.

So here I put my views with facts.

We have around  7,389 individual satellites in Space at the end of April, 2021 .

They orbit the earth at very fast speed , sending us images of ALL of earth , capturing the whole earth , every inch .

We get images of volcanic eruptions, can get GPS at any point , they track everything.

So you really think , if a LARGE object , a machine like a UFO space ship (which would need to have radio , frequency , fuel etc.) , it would not be captured by ANY satelltite ? NOT EVEN ONE ?

No satellite would even detect any such machine entering our orbit ?

Some frequency , some movement tracking , something ?

We have cameras and HUGE satellites in space who track stars which are millions of miles away , we are monitoring and recording every movement , their growth , their images. STrange none of these staellites, machines that we put in space records ANY evidence of any machine entering the environment of earth .That would require some really VERY advanced technology .

If there exists any intelligent life which can construct space ships, then they would have advanced knowledge of science and in that case they would try and contact us first ?

I am certain some life form exists in our HUGE universe , some basic life form but not intelligent life . Intelligent enough to build space ships , travel galaxies and move (and then escape after peeking on us humans ) .



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