How many of us feel that we are in an historical moment!

Yes, we are… and, is it not a lifetime opportunity for us – representing our past & future generations to contribute, small or big, for the construction of the temple for our ‘eternal consciousness’?

Just think how lucky we are, being born in, or connected to this region of this planet, at this particular period of time and being offered the choice of contributing towards the construction of the temple.

Will not our future generations see, touch and feel a sense of belonging at the time of their visit to this holy place, when they recognize that their ancestors i.e. we had also contributed our part? Are we not fulfilling our karma/duty for our ancestors by our action? Will not our past & future generations be in gratitude for us for our contribution? Should we not thank our sadhus and other connected individuals who advised the persons at the helm, to offer the common man like us the opportunity for contributing our part? Should we not thank those rich and powerful who allowed us to contribute our part too for the construction?

And finally, should we not relish in joy and be in gratitude to the Supreme Power in providing us this wonderful opportunity of innumerable “lifetimes”?

When opportunity knocks, using it is in our hands. Choice is Ours! BEST WISHES!

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