After the alleged suicide of Mr. Sushant Singh Rajpoot and his so-called manager Disha Salian the Bollywood has been divided into two groups. Some wanted CBI inquiry and others were opposing it. When ED started the investigation they find irregularities in SSR’s accounts and money trail lead to drugs and NCB came into the picture. Now Apart from Rhea Chakraborty and gang several other so-called Bollywood A-listers are also found to be involved in drugs. Several Bollywood celebrities came out in support of Bollywood and said; only a few people are consuming drugs in Bollywood, so don’t drag the entire industry. One such celebrity is the superstar of her time and the cutest actress our Jaya aunty spoke in the Parliament in support of Bollywood. 

Recently Mrs. Senior Bachchan aka Guddi spoke in the parliament, and she said, she is unhappy the way NCB is working to find out drug consumption and peddling links in Bollywood. She requested the prime minister to intervene in this matter. She also busted on BJP MP and Bhojpuri and Bollywood actor Ravi Kishan. The fault of Ravi Kishan was that he requested NCB and CBI to do their best and bring the truth on the table. 

Mrs. Jaya Bachchan is serving her fourth tenure as MP of the upper house of Parliament from the Samajwadi Party. If you think Mrs. Bachchan was speaking in the capacity of MP then you are totally wrong because as an MP she rarely raised any social or any other relevant issues.  She never requested for justice for SSR. She never raised a question of the Palghar lynching case. Even she never showed concern over the critical condition of Covid-19 in Mumbai and Maharashtra. One of a member of her own party made a misogynistic comment on veteran actress Jaya Prada, but she never spoke against it.

If you think she was speaking as a senior member of Bollywood than also you are wrong because she never spoke about corruption in award shows. She never spoke about the “me too” movement. She never spoke about several controversies arises from “coffee with Karan”, and many more such issues. She also didn’t utter a single word when BMC, Sanjay Rout, and Anil Deshmukh ill-treated Kangana Ranaut.

So what was the motive of her speech in parliament? There are several reasons behind this. The first and most important reason is Mrs. Shweta Bachchan Nanda. Yes, the same Shweta who want to smash patriarchy but even after several years of marriage uses the father’s surname. Her video of coming out from a drug party is viral and this may be the prime reason for the anger of Jaya Aunty.

Another important reason is Disha Salian who died on the 8th of June. Disha Salian was ex-manager of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Disha worked with Aishwarya for two years but Aishwarya didn’t even bother to write a condolence message on death of her. Disha Salian was also worked with Karan Johar but this news is not in the media. Disha was associated with SSR from March 2020 only, but she was portrayed as SSR’s ex-manger in media. No media house ever called Disha as Aiswarya’s ex-manager. Why?

One more reason is Sandeep Singh, a so-called friend of SSR. He is one of the suspects in SSR’s case and his pictures with the Bachchan family are also viral. In a statement, Sandeep said he doesn’t know Disha but his pictures with Aishwarya and Disha are available. Some sources are saying Junior Bachchan is also a powder lover.

All these reasons are enough to trigger the anger of Mrs. Senior Bachchan. I can understand your anger and frustration Jaya aunty. A mother does everything to protect her children and you are also doing the same. I know you left your flourishing career to raise your children. But it is sad to see that your husband and your children didn’t respect your sacrifice. By all means, you have to defend your children which is giving you stress. I can understand your condition and your anger Jaya aunty.

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