Why are Kashmiri Hindus are being repeatedly targeted in the valley and who are the ones who are giving a backup to the Islamists and why ? DR N.C Asthana (ret ips) wrote down a Twitter thread explaing the mishappenings in the valley. Here is the thread-

1. The Kashmir Conspiracy: Targeted killings of Hindus is a conspiracy by those hurt most by abrogation of Art. 370, having been rendered politically irrelevant. The conspiracy has two objectives. First, they want to show that the experiment of doing away with 370 has failed.

2. second, by killing hindus they want to provoke a communal reaction in other parts of the country in which the muslims might suffer in riots. that will be used for propaganda in international forums that muslims are being persecuted in india.

3. The conspirators are desperate. The back of militancy has been broken. Since Aug. 05, 2019, the Forces have killed as many as 495 militants. There is no stone-pelting in Kashmir now. This has disheartened the anti-India forces including the Left-Liberals.

4. In desperation, they are picking the softest of the soft targets in order to snatch the narrative. They want to show that despite 370 going, militancy is very much intact. It is outright falsehood. There are only a handful of militants surviving in Kashmir now.

5. The isolated targeted killings are being carried out by such militants only. They know that a modern State presents myriad targets and the Forces cannot protect every individual. However, there are two methods of dealign with them.

6. First, we must understand that isolated killings do not mean that militancy has revived or that they have a free run. No, they are on the run. We must have heart. We will devise means of protecting them. There is no need to panic.

7. Second, we must realize that these few militants do not have nay independent intelligence network of their own. Their intelligence comes from those amongst the people and those in the media who are sympathetic to them. They must be dealt with ruthlessly by the law.

8. All those who are frustrated by the abrogation of 370 are acting as overground workers of these militants. They are also responsible for spreading panic by calculated over-reaction to the incidents.

9. The security forces are doing a great job there. We must stand by them. It is only a matter of time that the remaining militants fall to our bullets.

10. Remember, the strength of the terrorist does not lie in what he can do. His strength lies in how we react to what they do. If we over-react to their strikes, we will indirectly be strengthening them. We must not over-react.

11. As I said earlier, they have a deeply communal design. They are banking on provoking communal reactions elsewhere in the country to these communal attacks in Kashmir–which will be used to discredit the govt and India. Both Hindus and Muslims must understand this design.

12. Terrorists want us to react in a certain manner. by refusing to react in that manner, we deny them the psychological advantag they seek.

13. Rest assured, the overall situation in Kashmir is well under control. In fact, it has never been better. With the tightening of the border, they are now short of AKs as well as ammunition.

14. We must not play into the hands of all those frustrated elements whose only purpose now is to show that 370 abrogation did not help. That is their only window at gaining some relevance. We will deny them that opportunity.

15. Art. 370 has been washed off the pages of history along with those who had been making a living on that for decades. There is nothing called a ‘Kashmir Problem’ now. The problem is history.

16. Let us not get unduly perturbed. I am not being insensitive. I sympathize with those who lost their dear ones. However, we must not confuse the micro picture for the macro picture. The macro picture is that we are in command there.

17. We will deal with all the anti-nationals in a most ruthless manner. At the moment, thenation must guard against losing the perception war. The disgruntled elements are fighting for perception. They have nothing tangible in hand. They have lost all credibility.

18. For them, it is a depserate gamble for survival and reclaiming some relevance. We will not let them happen. These are the guys who were keeping a murderer like their son-in-law, who did not want to even prosecute him for the crimes he committed.

19. Now, with the political will of the govt, the criminal has been convicted after three decades, these elements are lamenting.

21. The administration must not falter at this crucial juncture. No pussyfooting for these overground supporters. we must destroy their lives legally.

22. It is only the discredited guys and their journalist friends who have started talking of political dialogue. Bullshit. Dialogue with whom? Do they want people like that convicted criminal Yasin to be taken out of jail for dialogue, as they had been doing for 30 years?

23. I repeat. Do not overreact. The security forces are doing the best that is possible under the circumstances. The opportunists are trying to score in the perception war. We will not let that happen.

24. Even a man of the security Forces, while standing on the road or moving in a vehicle, can be fired upon. A lone man can even be stabbed. It does not mean that the Forces are not on the top. Take it from me, the militants are on the run–the last flickering of a candle.

25. Bullshitting by liberals when they talk of alienation of youth. Damn them. Why the hell they should be alienated in the first place? How the hell they are different from other youth of the country? Why do they need any special treatment? Why the hell they pick up guns?

26. If they have picked up guns, they will be tackled by the gun. And, yes, we do have bigger and better guns and better hands to wield them. Let them be warned. The era of pampering you or treating you as misguided youth is over since 2019. Now only bullets up yours! Watch out.

27. We are NOT going to talk to anybody. We will not just break their legs, so to say, we will break their will itself. Forget contumacy. We will destroy you, grind you into dust under our boots. Auqat samajh mein aa jayegi.

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