SP made a lot of air and Akhilesh kept attacking Yogi every day and kept telling people that BJP is going to lose, and Baba (Yogi) will go back to Gorakhpur and much more. Hence initially, some people had started feeling that the SP was getting heavy and will do well.

Where did Akhilesh Yadav go wrong?

Akhilesh never told why and how SP will win? Nor did he apologize for his mistakes during his regime, which included corruption, nepotism, embezzlement, mess in recruitment, Muslim appeasement, insult to Sanatan culture, more than 500 riots happened across the state, Don culture (mafia-gunda raj), exodus of Hindus from Kairana, murders. the relentless acts of kidnapping and looting, Bollywood Stars programs at his native village Saifai at government expense, encroachment and illegal occupation of government and private lands under government protection by MAfia Dons etc. There is long list. He even insulting his father and uncle, hijacking the party.

Apologizing to the people of state was a small gesture, even if no apology, he could have assured people for future, and people’s wounds would have been healed and perhaps forgetting all this, they would have thought of giving him a chance. But Akhilesh has faith in MY (Muslim & Yadav) votes, accordingly everything is going on as before from Jinnah to Jauhar University.

Slogans are being raised in their meetings “Hindugardi nahi chalegi” (Hinduism will not be allowed). Hindugardi (worse than Gundagardi) is a new word discovered by SP and has given a new slogan. What message does this give to the people?

In the election campaign itself, SP workers have created so much ruckus that panic is spreading among the people. People started thinking that when it is like this from now on then what will happen next if they win?

After this, can Akhilesh expect votes from all sects of society? After all, why would someone deliberately take a risk?

That’s where Akhilesh’s game ended.

“न हाथी, न हाथ, अब हैण्ड पंप का साथ, हवा हवाई कर रहे ४०० सीटों की बात..” (“Neither elephant (BSP), nor hand Congress), now tie up with the hand pump( RLD), he is claiming to win talking 400 seats”).

When Akhilesh can’t win in collaboration with Congress and BSP, then how will he win with RLD ? Now it is possible that Mayawati’s BSP will overtake the SP and reach the second place after BJP, which however will depend on the performance of Owaisi.

As Akhilesh’s election campaign is progressing, with his loose talk and mistakes, he is increasing BJP’s seats day by day. It is fortunate for him that Rahul has not come otherwise he will also contribute significantly to BJP’s victory.

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