I have seen that people across the political spectrum are making opinions based on memes so I have decided to write this. I will not just be clearing about his jail time in Andaman but also about his later years and also try to stop the bullcrap about him being a stooge and many more such accusations against him in this column of mine.

  1. He wrote Mercy Petitions – 

Just no and first it was a bail petetion and was the right of every Jailed person in India and what everyone forgets is that he first asked the British Colonial govt about what was the status of the prisoners in Kala Pani as were they being treated as Political prisoners or as criminals because Kala pani punishment was also given to serial rapists and killers as if they were common criminals they had the right to work in the Andaman Islands as many prisoners had started and if they were political prisoners they were to be given pen and paper to write and also newspapers to read. Another accusation against him is that he wrote your loyal servant and other things in bail petition

Here is Adv. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s letter to Leo Tolstoy who was a count in which he has written your servant which shows us that this was how it was the format in those days and also we have to remember that the British were holding him prisoner and so being very coy would be the way to go and also comparisions with Bhagat Singh as Bhagat Singh did not write a bail petition but here’s the thing Veer Savarkar was to be jailed and Bhagat Singh to be executed so I personally believe that by writing a bail petition and going out and keep fighting would be better and Savarkar was also the creator of a revolutionary underground network connected to Abhinav Bharat so for sure he had contacts to fight for the Motherland. Another thing we have to see is that Sachendranath Sanyal also wrote a bail petition and got out of Kala Pani and went underground and helped the movement. Even Chhatrapati Maharaj wrote such letters to get out of captivity and still fight for Hindavi Swarajya and Maharaj was for sure a inspiration for Savarkar. So, yes writing a bail petition was the tactical move to play. Now lets also talk about the jail condition now we have to remember that there were 3 types of jail one on mainland, the dreaded one on Andaman and then the luxurious ones in which a leaders of GOP stayed in. The amount of mental, physical torture he went through is something you must read yourself I cry everytime I hear about it.


  2. He was a British Stooge – 

So this allegations stems from his pension and the letter now the letter part I have sufficiently clarified but another part about this whole letter thing is that they mention the letter but not the letters. They never tell us that a British officer was sent to the Andaman prison in Port Blair to talk to Veer Savarkar and said that keep me here till death but let all other political prisoners who were not classified as political prisoners and that would give me as much bliss as my own freedom. The British officer also wrote that this man has no effing regrets of what he did which was that he had a hand in two assasinations one in Britain and other in India and also noted that he should also not be given freedom. Now another thing to note is why was he kept in Ratnagiri Prison for years after he left the Andaman one if he was a stooge why was he kept in prison, something for all who call him Sorrykar and surely have IQ less than room temperature. Now Savarkar was a Barrister but all his degrees were revoked so there was no way he could have practiced law to survive on a day to day basis and all political prisoners were given a pension. Savarkar was given Rs 60 many were given Rs 100. When he was in prison his family to survive got money from Madam Bikaji Cama and you should read his family’s condition during such times. This is all I have to say against all the allegations against him.


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