As the political heat runs high for the upcoming elections, Democratic party is working hard on pushing it’s foreign policy which is considered as an important agenda from day 1 of office. Some of the aspects that may be included in foreign policy is already discussed in his Muslim American Agenda which is available from Based on the details we have from the agenda, it will be all Muslim centric policy with a significant effort to appease and satisfy the Muslim Americans and in particular his campaign managers belonging to Pakistan.

Smear Campaign Against India

Muslim American Agenda from

From the Muslim American Agenda, Joe Biden clearly asserted that he will raise the issue of Kashmir once he elected. His assertion is based on the Pakistan’s lobby who wanted the details of Kashmir and Human rights of People of Kashmir in his foreign policy. In fact, India and Pakistan had 3 conventional wars since India was partitioned in 1947. Interestingly, neither the Pakistan lobby nor the Biden-Harris campaign apart from Democratic Party Progressive/Communists failed to acknowledge the sensitivity in Indian border. None of the Progressive/communists are willing to listen to the other side of Indian narrative as the abrogation of article 370 for Kashmir made as per Indian constitution brings prosperity and inclusiveness with the rest of India apart from protecting women from discrimination. With the abrogation of article 370 for Kashmir, India champions the Human rights of People of Kashmir and safeguards the interests of Kashmiris. It also, defends and protects the rights of Gays, Lesbians and Transgender communities which it was prohibited earlier as blasphemy under Sharia law. Biden and Sen. Harris both ignored the fact that Kashmir has full communications, apart from Internet restored. Blocking of the Internet is much  needed for multiple reasons as Kashmir is bordered to Pakistan. Biden and Sen. Harris both were blindfolded and ignored the truth that India was/is a victim of cross border terrorism instigated by Pakistan. Thus, the narrative that was built in the Muslim American Agenda does bulldoze the truth and facts regarding Kashmir.

Biden’s Propaganda view on India’s Citizenship Amendment Law

Details of Kashmir from Muslim American Agenda per

Neither Biden nor Sen.Harris acknowledged the fact that India is the biggest democracy on the planet. India makes laws in Parliament. Despite the fact that Indian Government lacked a majority in the upper house, the amendment bill was passed with a 2/3rd majority vote. Multiple parties voted in support of the amendment bill to grant fast track citizenship to refugees who are persecuted minorities of India’s hostile nations. It is India’s responsibility in the subcontinent region to take care of persecuted people and it acted as per Nehru Liaquat pact of 1950. However, Biden and Sen.Harris went with the propaganda and tried to showcase it as a human rights violation. India is the only country in the whole Middle East and South Asia which is a Democracy and strives for Human rights and adheres as per the Indian Constitution. In fact India’s constitution is the largest written constitution on the planet. Rest of the countries in the whole region are Theocratic states that always undermine the religious rights of non Muslims. 

Interestingly, both Biden and Sen Harris should be ashamed of the fact that neither discussed the Human rights of Minorities (Hindus, Sikhs, Jain, Farsi)  in Pakistan. When India was partitioned Pakistan had about 23% minorities and currently, they are about 3%. There are no religious rights for non Muslim men, women and mostly are either converted or killed. Human rights were despicable and deplorable in Pakistan as everyday non Muslim women were kidnapped forcibly change their faith. It’s an everyday event but Biden nor Harris don’t look into the dirty aspects.

Democratic Party’s inclination towards Pakistan

Vice President Pick Sen. Kamala Harris

Raking up the Kashmir and Indian sovereign laws in his election agenda certainly a concern for Indian American community. In the past, Sen. Harris has made a statement on Kashmir and asserted that “Kashmiris are not alone in the world”. This is pretty raw and under statement without knowing the facts and in depth information. She, when elected as a Vice-President can easily get away with the lobby propaganda and satisfy the needs as per the agenda. It’s not just her, but the whole Indian American Lawmakers in the House are now part of Pakistan caucus. They work for the Pakistan Caucus on Kashmir. As we know, Rep. Pramila Jayapal introduced a resolution against India in the House HR745 on Kashmir. Her meddling into Indian affairs is despicable and shameful. Thus, as we connect the dots, Democratic party controlled city councils passed resolutions against India regarding it’s Citizenship laws with over enthusiasm and it clearly defined the agenda to satisfy the party’s favorable stand towards Pakistan. Considering historical evidence and facts, India as a sovereign Republic never heeded to the United States dictum when it comes to territorial integrity on Kashmir and sovereign affairs.

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