Will we see the IITian, honest, Aam Aadmi Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal giving a humourous and rational speech at the parliament mocking and asking the mother of Rahul Bhat to go and get her son’s life back from YouTube ? Will Rahul Bhat’s mother get her son’s life back from YouTube ? A question only Delhi Chief Minister, IITian Arvind Kejriwal can answer.

Are you all getting reminded of the laugh which Arvind Kejriwal ? The laugh which he had in the Parliament mocking the pain of Kashmiri Pandits . Another Kashmiri Pandit shot dead by Islamists for his faith. Young Kashmiri Pandit, Rahul Bhat who is a Govt Employee got killed by Islamists in Chadoora, Budgam of Central Kashmir. Terror attack took place at Tehsildar office in Chadoora. IGP of Kashmir Vijay Kumar informed that Islamists had earlier threatened Kashmiri Pandits. For the nth time, invalidating Article 370 of the Constitution of India doesn’t translate into decimation of jihad in J&K. Also, it doesn’t imply that conditions for Pandits in Kashmir valley have become conducive. Behind the hunky-dory advertisements, the reality is dark. Until and unless demography is made to change in Kashmir nothing will change.Kashmiri Pandit Government employees stage protest at Budgam demanding justice after the killing of young Kashmiri Pandit Government employee Rahul Bhat in Chadoora of Budgam by two Islamist terrorists.

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