This may seem hilarious for others, but can you believe in the name of entertainment Hindus pay to Amazon, Netflix, and other OTT platforms to get insulted. In Mirzapur and Paatal Lok kind of web series, Amazon prime has consistently abused, defamed, and vilified Brahmins and  Hindus, but I have seen Hindus paying for this insult instead of boycotting them. Hindus are enjoying when their Gods are abused. Brahmins are happy when they are demonized through the web series. 

Someone has made some cartoons of a certain prophet in France and all the 56 Islamic nations came together to protest. More than five beheadings have been done by Islamic ideologues across the world. But, look at the plight of Hindus. Some OTT platforms officially charge them to insult their Gods and religion. They consistently feed the Hindufobic content in the name of acting and web series and Hindus rejoice it without any concerns. 

A quick research on the producers and managers of these OTT platforms and web series tells their Hindufobic and Christoislamic religious background. They want to make Hindus feel ashamed of their culture and values. This is why they show the rigged Hindu family values. They try to portray the Guru Sishya tradition of Sanatan Dharma corrupted in web series such as Sacred Games. They promote the love jihad and content jihad by doing all this.

This is how they have officially made sales of such content and e-commerce valued in thousands of dollars. And who have paid them this much money even when Amazon Prime and Netflix kind of OTT platforms have insulted them, the answer is the majority Hindus. Oh, fellow Hindus let us unite and protect our values and culture. Let us boycott those who put us and show us in a bad light. Let us return to our values and drive these cultural invaders away by hurting them economically. Uninstall all these OTT platform apps who do not hesitate to insult Hindus.

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