The CNN News just broke the news of The US Supreme Court being evacuated due to bomb threat. This news comes in the wake of Joe Biden’s oath taking ceremony on 20.01.2021. Jus The US has started facing the heat of terror threats as the recent announcement of Joe Biden even before he takes his oath formally was to lift the ban on Muslim immigration to the United States. This major step and pandering to demands of CAIR like Islamic organisations makes it vulnerable for jihadi terror to rear its ugly head again in America since 9/11.

As such Muslims in America consume most of the State largess provided to sustain the underprivileged residents of the country. Islamic jihad uses every democratic institution in western democracies and also in India to garner special benefits for Muslims which are not available to rest of the majority communities. Jihad cannot be won over by appeasement even in this modern world. Jammu & Kashmir in India is fine example to showcase to the rest of the democratic world, how pampered Islamic jihad ultimately committed a genocide of a miniscule minority of Kashmiri Hindus in the Kashmir Valley.


Yesterday, the AP News reported that a US Army soldier was arrested in Georgia on terrorism charges after he spoke online about plots to blow up New York City’s 9/11 Memorial and other landmarks and attack U.S. soldiers in the Middle East.

Nicholas Biase, a spokesperson for Manhattan federal prosecuters informed that Cole James Bridges of Stow, Ohio, was arrested on charges of attempted material support to the Islamic State group, a terrorist organisation and attempted murder of a military member.

The 20-year-old soldier, also known as Cole Gonzales, was with the Third Infantry Division out of Fort Stewart, Georgia, when he thought he was communicating with the Islamic State online about the terrorism plots.

Unknown to Bridges, an FBI employee was in on the chat as Bridges provided detailed instructions on tactics and manuals and advice about attacking the memorial and other targets in New York City.

William F. Sweeney Jr., Head of New York City’s FBI office said that “As we allege today, Bridges, a private in the U.S. Army, betrayed our country and his unit when he plotted with someone he believed was an ISIS sympathizer to help ISIS attack and kill U.S. soldiers in the Middle East”.

According to a criminal complaint in Manhattan federal court, Bridges joined the U.S. Army in September 2019 and was assigned as a cavalry scout in Fort Stewart.

At some point, he began researching and consuming online propaganda promoting jihadists and their violent ideology. Cole Bridges aka Cole Gonzales also changed his social media profile in August 2020 which is shown below.

Cole Bridges aka Cole Gonzales’ changed social media profile in August 2020

They said he expressed his support for the Islamic State group and jihad on social media before he began communicating in October with an FBI employee who posed as an Islamic State group supporter in contact with the group’s fighters in the Middle East.

He is stated to have expressed his frustration with the U.S. military and his desire to aid the Islamic State group.

He then provided training and guidance to purported Islamic State fighters who were planning attacks, including advice about potential targets in New York City, including the 9/11 Memorial. It said he also provided portions of a U.S. Army training manual and guidance about military combat tactics.

Bridges also diagrammed specific military maneuvers to help the terrorist group’s fighters kill U.S. troops, including the best way to fortify an encampment to repel an attack by U.S. Special Forces and how to wire certain buildings with explosives to kill the U.S. troops, the complaint said.

According to the criminal complaint, this month Bridges sent a video of himself in body armor standing before an Islamic State flag, gesturing support.

Picture of Cole Bridges aka Cole Gonzales in armor standing before an Islamic State flag, gesturing support.

A week later, Bridges sent a second video in which he used a voice manipulator and narrated a propaganda speech in support of the Islamic State group’s anticipated ambush of U.S. troops, the complaint said.

The report stated that Bridges is said tobe co-operating fully with the FBI.


This incident is quite shocking as a white American who is a US serving soldier gets disenchanted with th US Army starts reading online material on Islamist fundamentalist organisations whose sloe aim to impose an Islamic Caliphate on the whole world and sees America as its biggest enemy, being the world’s greatest leader in economy, military and democracy. So, America like India and Israel faces existential threats from Islamic jihadi fundamentalism.

In this scenario if President Biden panders to Islamic jihadi elements in his party like Ilhan Omar, who in the past has advocated for Israel to be wiped out from the world map, it only emboldens the radical elements to push their envelope in prpagating terror. If Bridges had not been monitored by the security agencies, it is shuddering to think what would have been the consequences. The 9/11 terror memorial which stands as a tribute to all those scores of people who lost in the terror attack and became a symbol of resistance against terrorism would have been the target had this Bridges met the real ISIS guys online.

Bridges caseis even more frightening, because he is not any random extremist, but a soldier in the army, if this is not nipped in the bud by stricter screening of people who are commissioned in the army, even the private volunteers, then there will be havoc within the armed forces itself which works on complete trust and loyalty where each person watches the other’s back.


President Biden according to his poll promise has removed all restrictions for Muslims to immigrate to the US, this move itself has huge ramifications as many ISIS radicals disguise as innocent asylum seekers, once they gain entry they try to enlist more people for jihad and can find a good partner in radicalised Antifa warriors.

Notably, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) had urged Joe Biden to soften up on Islamic extremism in a new document which has set the Agenda for first 100 days. CAIR, interestingly urged Biden to “oppose and defund” a Homeland Security program aimed at preventing violent extremism and terrorism.

The CAIR document described the government’s Terrorist Screening Database, a terror watchlist, as “unconstitutional.” It demands the FBI stop using informants “to spy on American Muslim communities.” And it asks Biden to reject “any new domestic terrorism statutes” in addition to closing Guantanamo Bay.

If Biden implements the pernicious demands of CAIR by disbanding and defunding gathering intelligence on extremist jihadi elements by actively engaging with these extremists to gauge their mentality and prowess for terror attacks, then America would face several terror attacks which are thwarted by such monitoring programmes.


Democracy itself would be completely wiped out by pandering to Fascist Islamic Jihad and Ultra Left. The same forces which helped Biden occupy the Prsidential Office would in due course of time dispense their agents and rule directly once they gain strength as can be seen in all Islamic and communist nations which is virtual dictatorship with no semblence of democracy.

To save democracy, it is important that we identify the real enemies and do not get carried away by illiberal-liberal brigade which promotes the rise of Fascist forces to secure America, the bastion of democracy in modern times, which is vital for rest of the civilized democratic world.

Source of news report: – AP News

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