Yet another attempt at liquidating Dasna Devi Temple head priest Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati was foiled on Wednesday. According to reports in Amar Ujala, two assassins were arrested from the temple campus.

The two assassins entered the temple by identifying themselves as Vipyl Vijayvargiya and Kashi Gupta. It was later found that the man claiming to be Kashi Gupta was actually a Muslim named Kashif. The Dasna Temple entry gate is manned by a policeman. They easily foxed the policeman at the gate by giving fake Hindu names.

The disciples in the temple got suspicious about their movements and started questioning them. They also recovered from them a bag with sharp surgical blades with some powder, which was found to be cyanide powder by the police.

The temple disciples and the head priest then called the police and the two were arrested and detailed investigations are being carried out by the police on the matter.

Yati Narsinghanad tweeted, ” Two assassins were arrested from the campus. Another attempt has been made to eliminate me. Eliminating me is not that easy. “The Police guards let them enter without searching them,” He claimed. He further added, “I truly believe that the Police will say that these men came to the temple by mistake to drink water or they were here to do surgery on someone.”

The Uttar Pradesh police is probing the two suspected assassins and investigating the link between them. The Police stated that Kashif came in touch with Vipul on Facebook three years ago. He is said to have told the police that he befriended Vipul on Facebook for normal friendship. While Vipul is said to have claimed that he came to the temple to meet the famous head priest.

Islamists and Jihadis have issued a barrage of fatwas to behead Yati after he dared to criticise Islam and Islam’s founder Mohammad in April. The AAP MLA notorious for being a jihadi mafia, openly asked for beheading and chopping off Yati’s tongue for criticising Mohammad.

Across India, huge Islamist crowds gathered under the leadership of Islamic clerics of all hues with crowds chanting, “Gustak e Rasool ki ek hi saza – Sar Tan se Juda, Sar Tan se Juda” meaning, “There is only one punishment for criticising Mohammad, Beheading, Beheading.”

On May 17th Delhi police had caught a trained LeT operative from Kashmir with guns, sharp surgical blades and garments of a Hindu Sadhu with the holy kalava and beads to get near Yati under the garb of a Sadhu to assassinate him.

Earlier in 2019, some jihadis successfully eliminated another pro-Hindu leader Kamlesh Tiwari for daring to speak a few home truths about Islam and history of Mohammad.

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