The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath known for his efficiency in administration and toughness in dealing with law and order issues, has now in a path breaking decision planned to construct 1000 new Ganga aarti sites to boost religious tourism.

The new sites would be constructed in villages falling in a radius of five kilometres of the Ganga river from Bijnor to Ballia as per PTI report published on January 30, 2021.

According to the plan being executed in co-operation with the Tourism department.

The Ganga aarti will take place on the basis of public participation and will be performed at a fixed time every day.

The Yogi government is endeavouring to bring in Uttar Pradesh a good confluence of religio-cultural development as well a hub of technological and industrial centre. A Uttar Pradesh houses Kashi, which its rich culture and tradition is the oldest city in the world older than history older, than civilization, older than human memory and older than time itself.

Yogi being a mahant of the ancient Gorakhnath Math knows how to bring in real balance and development in the lives of people of Uttar Pradesh the largest state in India, in terms of land area as well as population.

So, the move to add 1000 more sites for Ganga Aarti is a very welcome step as it would develop the rural areas, generate employment and boost religious tourism.

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