Courtesy and From: His Holiness Sadhguru
Why should Sunday be a holiday? What are you doing on a Sunday? Eating potato chips, drinking beer and watching television? You do not even know what to do! But if there is a holiday on a full moon day or new moon day, we know what to do. It is time that a holiday is a day that is significant for us. At least, Guru Purnima should be a holiday, so that people know the significance of it. When such a phenomenon got involved with the human creature, it should not go to waste.
I want all of you to take this up. This Guru Purnima, do not go to the office. Apply for leave and say, “It is Guru Purnima, so I am not coming.” Tell all your friends to apply for leave because it is Guru Purnima. What should you do on that day? Dedicate the day for your inner wellbeing, eat light, listen to music, meditate, watch the moon – it will be fantastic for you because it is the first full moon day after the solstice. Tell at least ten other people that this is a significant day.
We have entered the period of Dakshinayana, where the sun’s relationship with the planet changes from its northern movement to its southern run. The shift within the human body is such that it is more conducive for sadhana, for setting goals. It is the time when the farmer begins to plough the land. It is the time when the yogi begins to knead this piece of earth – the body – that he is privileged to carry. It is at this time, many thousands of years ago, that the magnificent eyes of the Adiyogi fell upon the human creature.
The first full moon of Dakshinayana is Guru Purnima, when the Adiyogi actually started teaching, and when the first Guru was born. This is about transcendence and liberation, a possibility that human beings never knew, and still most do not know. It does not matter what your genetics are, who your father was, or what limitations you are born with or acquired, you can transcend all of that, “If you are willing to strive.”
Right now, the topmost thing on my mind, and the most important part of what we are going to do with what is left of life, is to see that the whole world becomes conscious of this one thing that the Adiyogi offered: if you are willing to strive, you can transcend all your limitations. We want this one message, which is over 15,000 years old, to reverberate across the planet.

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