YouTube channel String’s latest video that exposed the design laid out in the Greta Thunberg Toolkit which contained names of several media houses, journalists and ‘activists’, has faced the brunt as it is removed by the video streaming and sharing platform citing ‘harassment and bullying’.

Vinodh, the anchor of the show String Reveals, had explained the conspiracy between institutions funded by George Soros, certain India media entities and a few ‘activists’, and how a coordinated social media propaganda on the ‘farmers’ protest was being carried out with help from both inside and outside and the country.

String had shed light on DIGIPUB, an association of media entities like The Wire, Scroll, The Quint, The News Minute, Newslaundry, Alt News, etc and how these media entities and its associated journalists found mention in Greta’s ‘tool kit’ that had details to carry out a nefarious propaganda against India.The video also exposed how a foreign individual named Annalisa Merelli had endorsed these media outlets to channel funds to them days before Greta Thunberg shared the tool.

The video however is said to have been mass reported and that the channel is now looking into the legal options. The String has also appealed the YouTube headquarters demanding a detailed clarification for removing the video.

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