Terrorist supporter Zafrul Islam has released a report on Delhi riots, someone who is already facing various criminal charges including sedition, someone who was openly supporting anti Hindu communal hateful campaign at Shaheen Bagh, someone who has openly declared his support for terrorists like Zakir Naik, someone who has shared stage with murders of Ankit Sharma and Constable Ratanlal, that Zafrul Islam has prepared a report on Delhi Riots.

The credibility of the report is under question because all the members of Delhi Minority Commission that has prepared this report were actively involved in Anti CAA violence, all of them were openly supporting and making public statements in favor of Shaheen Bagh fraud. now the same bunch of people coming out with a report on Delhi Riots is like Osama Bin Laden making a report on 9/11. Obviously Laden will declare that Al Qaida is innocent, exactly what Zafrul Islam has done in his report on Delhi riots.

Irony is Zafrul Islam, the chairman of Delhi Minority Commission was closely working with people like Tahir Hussain , Khalid Saifi, Safoora Jargar all those who are found to be involved in planning and carrying out massive Anti Hindu violence in Delhi during Delhi Anti Hindu Riots. In fact, Zafrul Islam went on to say it on record that Muslims from Arab countries should come and help in creating a Muslim nation state in India.

Zafrul Islam is so biased in his report that on the issues like brutal murder of Ankit Sharma, where young IB officer Ankit Sharma was killed in ISIS style by Tahir Hussain and his Jehadi boys, Zafrul Islam has only talked to lawyer of Tahir Hussain and did not even reach out to family of Ankit Sharma or Constable Ratanlal.

In his report Zafrul Islam has declared that Tahir Hussain as an innocent and totally forgot to even mention the fact that huge recovery of bombs ad stones and acid bottles was done by the police from the house of Tahir Hussain. Despite the fact that Tahir Hussain is video recorded while leading the Muslim mob to throw bombs and fire bullets on Hindus.

Report of Delhi Minority Commission is exactly following the same model of Jihad where one group will kill Non Muslims and another sophisticated looking group will create fake facts to save them. Lies and only lies has been told by the Delhi Minority Commission and the report is a clear and shameless attempt to protect the terrorists and hide the truth.

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