About Us

Bharat Ratna P.V. Kane, had noted:

“Dharma is one of those Sanskrit words that defy all attempts at an exact rendering in English or any other tongue. That word has passed through several vicissitudes. In the hymns of the Rigveda, the word appears to be used cither as an adjective or a noun and occurs at least fiftysix times therein.”

We are an accessible platform that allows you to speak up in support of dharma. By covering all the most recent events in real-time in the fields of politics, sports, economics, lifestyle, entertainment, and even local city issues, we at Kreately make sure to provide you with a comprehensive view of your world. We are much more than just being one of the top Pro-Hindutva organizations, we put our best efforts into upholding the purpose and work for the betterment of the community members. We are entering a new era in which the accepted wisdom no longer remains the case. Our occupation may make us different from one another, but what binds us all together is our motive for promoting, defending, and prospering with freedom of expression. We are relentless in the way to uphold dharma.

In India, we have been akin to long-running formal hegemony, rich with every resource that help shape social relations, and yet hopelessly out of touch with the people. Their name is the Indian left, which has so far controlled the narratives in the country.

In addition to the trend of Hinduphobia in the West, it convinces us that, whether ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’, the West will always find ways to be racist. In the days of colonialism, the rhetoric was that of civilizing the savage heathens whose religion epitomized depravity. In their jaundiced and insular judgment, we were devil-worshippers. Today, the rhetoric is that of the vileness of Hindus in light of their unimaginably evil, industrially oppressive, primordially
persistent caste system, and must perforce be enablers of fascism. We are no strangers to the trend of faults being read into Hindu traditions when none exist.

We think that anyone who defends their right to express their opinions and beliefs as well as the right of others to do the same offers an undeniable contribution to the survival of civilization. Our salute to such courageous brains is Kreately.