Chakraraj Sudarshan

An exposition in three parts on Sri Sudarshan Sri Sudarshan belongs to the pantheon of “Chaturdhha Murti” in the cult of Lord Jagannath. Brahma...

Land of Ram and Maveli. Part 1: Why Our Dream is Different

It was always said that India posed "immense problems". People shook their heads wisely, and went on to criticize the government. And previous leaders. And were happy that they had contributed such wisdom. But what if someone were to actually sit down and see what was needed to solve **ALL** those problems, and figure out the order in which they should be solved, and make a plan to implement those solutions? What I suggest below is that this happened, in a manner that none of us, at least I, had really realized. All those naysayers have been shown up to be fools. Or worse.

UN Sustainable Development Goals