A scissor. It has got 2 pangs. Can the scissor cut a piece of paper with one of the pangs missing. No…

The same logic applies here. ISLAM as a religion grew in the middle east i.e. between India and Europe when both India and Europe were passing through turbulent times. When both Europe was strong i.e. the Roman empire was at its zenith and when India was strong i.e. when the Mauryas and Guptas were at the peak of power, ISLAM was non existent.

To understand the social, economic and political reasons behind the birth and growth of Islam refer here.


  • Islam grew in an area where climate was harsh, there are limited resources unlike India or Europe.
  • Hard life in middle east made people cruel. When they were united under one book (Holy Quran), one Prophet and One leader called Calpih, they started capturing, pillaging and looting resource rich regions like Europe and India.
  • Both India and Europe (under Roman empire) benefited from each  other due to trade with each other in the ancient ages.
  • The trade routes from India to Europe pass through middle east. After Islam united middle east, the Islamic traders started charging heavy commissions in this trade. Middle east Islamic empires thus benefited at the cost of Europe and India.

Why Islam is to be blamed for European colonialism?

European powers resorted to colonialism mainly after the fall of Constantinople (modern day Istanbul) to the Islamic Ottoman empire in 1453. Why? Constantinople was the last remaining strongholds using which Europe could trade with east. With the fall of Constantinople,  Europe lost the trade link with India as all trade had to pass through Islamic territories. It is said that Ottoman traders even charged 10x commissions for Indian goods in Europe and vice versa. This forced Europe to secure their economic resources bypassing Islamic lands and hence discovering sea routes. During this  period, Islamic rule had firmly entrenched itself in India after dislodging the Hindu rulers. Hence, European powers were forced to dislodge the Islamic rulers.

And this is the precise reason why the British took side of Hindus.

For e.g.

  1. After defeat of Tipu the British reestablished the the earlier Hindu Wadiyar rulers whom Tipu’s father (Hyder Ali) had dislodged to become the sultan.
  2. British repealed Shariat law from India. Refer here.
  3. British ended the Mughal dynasty by exiling Bahadur shah Zafar.
  4. The British confiscicated the properties of all rich Mughal rulers after 1857. That’s why today’s most of the rich Indians today are non-Mughals. During the Mughal rule all the key businesses were dominated by the Mughals (not even Indian Muslims).

Why a strong Indo-European alliance is needed to defeat Islam? Lets understand.

As we have discussed, Islam grew when both India and Europe had lost their past glory. Hence, Islam which grew in middle-east found plenty of opportunities to exploit both India and Europe. If both India and Europe remain strong, then the fundamental reason behind the creation of Islam go away.

Hence, after an alternative to Oil is found, the Arabs will become poor. they cannot loot India and Europe as both would be strong and united. Hence, the middle east will by dictated by the terms imposed by India and Europe.

This is the inside story why Indian Jihadi media is anti west. They very well know from history that Islam grew only after successfully destroying the link between India and Europe. Had that link not been cut, Islam would have been non existent today.

In order words, Islam grew by removing the knob from scissor whose 2 pangs were India and Europe.

And it is no coincidence why conquerors are so much eulogized in Islamic history.

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