‘Parama Guru Mandali’ and Politics

In the Mahabharata, Yudhistira, the noble king, received crucial guidance and support from two divine incarnations (avataras): the venerable sage Maharshi Vedavyasa and the illustrious Lord Sri Krishna. Both...

Makar Sankranti – Why it shifted to January 15?

Zooming into 2023, Sankranti’s precise time was 9:35 PM on January 14th. The sun set, making January 15th the auspicious day for Makar Sankranti. During 2024, the auspicious time for Sankranti lies between 7:35 am and 5:46 pm. From 2008 to 2080, the cosmic spotlight shines on January 15th for Makar Sankranti. Post-2081, a celestial shift moves it to January 16th. Yet, some might adhere to the January 15th celebration for a few additional years.