What is the “Gita”

The Gita is the representative literature of Indic civilization. No other work encompasses in itself, to the extent it is possible, the historical development of the people in philosophy, culture and metaphysics, ethics and literature. The essence of Vedanta connecting the thread of wisdom, its sutra, from the Vedas and the Upanishads weaves the essential fabric of this Ultimate Upanishad. Nor is the Gita solely dedicated to Vedanta only. It synthetises in itself the philosophy of Sankhya, even its atheistic dualistic darshana, integrates the movements of Vaishnava bhakti in its discourse, absorbs the essence of yoga and karma yoga, and builds them into a vast comprehensive experience and vision.

Vibrant Manipur – Immersed in Shades of Culture and Tradition

Manipur, the land of jewels can proudly boast of its natural beauty as well as it’s diverse and rich cultural heritage. The Manipuris, from a linguistic point of view, are divided into two groups - the Meiteis and the Bishnupriyas. The language of the Meitis is of Tibeto-Burman group while that of the Bishnupriyas is of the Indic group. Although Meitei is the official language of Manipur, Bishnupriya Manipuri people have their own language, and belongs to the Eastern group of the family and is written in the Bengali–Assamese script, and though it is close to Bengali and Assamese, it is a distinct language.

Ancient Indian Discoveries

Namaste This is a second post of ancient indian inventions and discoveries, without details but after sometime i will post all the details. I...

Diwali Crackers Ban: Can Hindus Rebel Against Selective Bans on Hindu Festivals?

All the social activists, law practitioners, judges, politicians, student unions, local politicians, civic bodies, who understand the value of freedom, please come forward. Let us unite. It is now or never. Let us fight this battle of bans on Hinduism by crooks. Let us rebel against any such order may be issued next. I have heard that they have banned Chhat Puja in Delhi and Bengal. I have seen no protests been registered by the BJP as well. Keep this noted and fight this battle by Uniting and rebelling against any such orders. Let us fight and win this battle of bans and perceptions.

Significance of Laxmi Puja

Two youths, in this video, discussing about the significance of Diwali and Laxmi puja and explaining that Laxmiji does not means only wealth by...