Nartiang Durga Temple

Nartiang Durga Temple is a 600-year-old Durga Temple located in West Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya.  This temple is supposed to be one of the Shakti...

Who is Mahalakshmi?

Mahalakshmi represents the Divine Power and Godhead of true prosperity, nay opulence, that comes only when all the conditions for her descent are fulfilled. For even if she appears where there may be squalor of thought or feeling, she will move on swiftly, leaving a nation or region far poorer and desolate than before she manifested.


To invoke her and prepare for her descent, rid yourself of all ego and fear, all lethargy and slovenliness of thought and feeling. For though she loves deeply, she is also the mother who brings her errant children back to her fold with one smite. For she hates imperfections, most of all any insincerity in one’s nature that hides the flaws she needs to eliminate. An utter openness to her without any attempt at concealment, even of one’s greatest deficiencies or weaknesses, prepares for her aagaman and establishes her presence firmly within oneself.

Who is Mahasarasvati?

Mahasarasvati is perfection in action, at the most granular level.. Maa Sarasvati is here, working out with immeasurable patience, with the surgical precision of a surgeon, with the plier of a mechanic building a satellite, with the brush of a painter creating works of great art, with the pen of a student elaborating what he has learnt with years of labor. Those who love detail and particular attention adore her and emulate the poornta that she sets up in everything she does.