Amazon Prime’s Urban Naxal Hinduphobic Aparna Purohit Wontedly Incites Mayhem

Aparna Purohit's Urban Naxal Hinduphobic ideology can be gauged from an analysis of her social media posts which display her jaundiced and highly prejudiced views against Hinduism, Hindu policemen, Hindu ascetics, the BJP and RSS and provokes class wars . She abuses the professional platform of Amazon Prime to promote her toxic ideology of ultra-leftist and jihadi bias against Hinduism and Hindus in general.

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Twitter Land Dictator General Admiral Abladeen Bans Trump But Promotes Paedophilia?

A Lawsuit filed against Twitter by National Center On Sexual Exploitation on behalf of victim of child sexual abuse accused Twitter of repeatedly telling the victim of child sexual abuse that a video of his ordeal circulating on Twitter did not violate its policies! Twitter is alleged to have raked in the moolah with ads by allowing exchange of child pornography on its platform by paedophiles.