Law vs Order or Law and Order?

If Democracy is used to subvert Democracy, to what level should Order be maintained at the expense of Law, should the state go into a decision free or should the state use it's might to bring the situation back to normal?

American President Censored

Facebook bans American President Donald Trump from it's platform followed by other tech companies. This raises the pertinent question. Who gave a private company rights to censor the Head of State of the country of their operation?

The Nazi Origins of Church Growth Principles?

Nazis said being a German is more important than being a Christian. Donald McGavran said, identify more with your caste than with a fellow Christian. A deeper look into what McGavran proposed makes us wonder if he modelled his theory based on the Nazi conception of Christianity.

the abrahamic religious mindset – why they are different from other religions

Primary Religions are formed and Secondary Religions are created. There is a clearcut demarcation between the World Before Secondary Religion and World After Secondary Religion. An extreme case of Secondary Religions is the Mosaic Distinction where Faith takes precedence over Logic. Because of this we land in a situation where Translatability of Gods is replaced by You Can't Serve Two Masters and there is continuous struggle to topple the Master whom you don't accept as your's.

The Philosophy of Khalistan – Lies, Hypocrisy and Victimhood

Even if one wants to give the Khalistan Movement a benefit of doubt, one will find no chance even to do that - all it gifted Punjab was horror and misery all the while proofing Pakistan from similar demands. A look into any Khalistani literature will reveal only lies, hypocrisy and victimhood.

The Fundamental Problem with Aryan invasion theory

Where did the Aryans come from? Anywhere but India. Though disproved, Aryan Invasion Theory still rules the minds of the scholarship world for whatever reasons. The model makes almost perfect sense if you look at it only in India. But, it falls flat on it's face when you expand your scope of study to encompass a larger area.

Aryan Homeland

cancel the Cancel culture and adult infantilism

Simply put, cancel culture is cancelling out the person whose views you don't like - it's an easy alternate to painstaking intellectualism where all you need to do is to launch a shame storm and shutdown anything said in favour of your target. What are the consequences, what will be the remedial action, it doesn't matter.

Palola Shahis of Gilgit

Palola Shahis of Gilgit is one of those many unknown kingdoms of India about which nothing is known. Ruling for 250 years in a very important area, and in a very important period in the History of Himalayas, though nothing much is known about the kingdom, one would notice that the kingdom brought itself eternal fame through the famous Gilgit Bronzes and Manuscripts whose discovery, incidentally are a very important milestone in Himalayan History