Trends of Global Politics – A Russian View

A succinct description of the themes of global power dynamics come from the official Russian Foreign Policy Document. The current one, issued in 2017 is a long read but presents a good overview of how the world is going to be.

The Story of Maharadia Lawana

Every culture in the Indic Sphere of Influence had it's own variant of Ramayana, heavily influenced by the local traditions. Here, we have a Filipoino Muslim version of Ramayana where Hanuman, Lava and Kusa are fused into a single person and Ravana does Tapas to Allah.

Alluri Sita Rama Raju’s Rampa Fituri

Alluri Sita Rama Raju's Rampa Fituri is one of the last major tribal rebellion against the British Rule in India. Spread all over the tribal belt of North Andhra Pradesh corresponding to the current Araku Lok Sabha Constituency of Andhra Pradesh, the story of the rebellion is a saga of sticking to a stand even if it means on one side and on the other side, the opportunism of those who saw some use in this rebellion to further their own selfish ends.

Caldwell’s Sudra Invasion Theory

Caldwell, who is considered as the founder of Dravidian Linguistic Theory had another fantastic idea in his quiver - Sudra Invasion Theory. Using that, he explains why South Indians are not that much suffering as compared to the North Indian Sudras - because they represented different invasion waves.