A Game of Thrones Made Gandhi Mahatma

It is said that Gandhi was given the epithet Mahatma by Rabindranath Tagore. The first time he was officially called as Mahatma was in 1938 and the story which made him officially Mahatma doesn't seem to be straightforward enough. It came at a time of intense politicking in CP-Berar and one may want to question if this title is the route of ascendancy of one group over the other.

Battle of Jhara, The Kurukshetra of Kutch

"We have to live up to the expectation of these great souls who sacrificed their lives for the motherland" Battle of Jhara was a sanguinary battle in which, though the Jadejas of Kutch lost, they stood out even better than their enemies for their outstanding valour and commitment to the country to the extent that the memory cherished even today. No wonder the bards called it Haldhigathi of the Kutch and Kurukshetra of the Kutch.