A Game of Thrones Made Gandhi Mahatma

It is said that Gandhi was given the epithet Mahatma by Rabindranath Tagore. The first time he was officially called as Mahatma was in 1938 and the story which made him officially Mahatma doesn't seem to be straightforward enough. It came at a time of intense politicking in CP-Berar and one may want to question if this title is the route of ascendancy of one group over the other.

Battle of Jhara, The Kurukshetra of Kutch

"We have to live up to the expectation of these great souls who sacrificed their lives for the motherland" Battle of Jhara was a sanguinary battle in which, though the Jadejas of Kutch lost, they stood out even better than their enemies for their outstanding valour and commitment to the country to the extent that the memory cherished even today. No wonder the bards called it Haldhigathi of the Kutch and Kurukshetra of the Kutch.

Distorted History and Biased Agendas – the Saga of Indian Historiography

Richard Eaton has come up with some unrealistic claims that while Muhammad bin Tughluq flattened the main Syayambhu Devalayam of Warangal Fort, he took extra care in protecting the Thousand Pillar Temple of Warangal - a claim as absurd as it can get. All one needs to do and go and check the current images of the temple - especially it's super structure and the Nandi.

Old Persian – An Indian Language?

The ease with which one can reconstruct Old Persian literature into Sanskrit makes one wonder if the language is really a different language and not a Prakritic dialect of Sanskrit but an older one - or is it that Gathas were written in Sanskrit and a Western evolution of Sanskrit led to formation of Old Persian?

How Women Should Behave – The Taliban Way Of Life

A New World is in the Offing. The Taliban is back with their regressive rules and what have they in store for the women of Afghanistan need no introduction. One can assume that the rules which they followed before will be followed even now.

Afghanistan – What Next?

In a swift operation, Taliban took Afghanistan. But, is it the end? Slowly, news is trickling out - of Talibani brutalities, their disregard to Durand Line and to activation of Northern Alliance. It needs to be seen what course the history is going to take.

The Legend of Queen Suhuva and the Destruction of Jayachandra Gahadavala

Ignoring the insinuations of Prithviraj Raso and looking objectively at the history of Jayachandra Gahadavala or Jaichand of Kannauj, one would notice many open questions - the prominent being the reason for his presence at a place like Chandawar where he was killed. Prabodha Chintamani says Suhava is a keep of Jaichand and she invited the Muslims when Jaichand refused to pass the throne to her son. Whatever the veracity of the story, treachery is a theme which should be seriously explored.

A View of Kannauj effectively describing what is left standing in Kannauj