Ashley Biden’s Diary and Project Veritas

So: 1. The Ashley Biden diary possessed by Project Veritas is real. 2. The Biden admin put the FBI on PJ despite no evidence of a crime. 3. In the diary, Ashley Biden says she was hyper-sexualized at a young age, thinks she was molested, shows discomfort about showers with her dad.

Background Of The 9/11/2021 Terrorist Conference: Implications for India & USA

Now that we know (it wasn’t hard to predict!) that sponsorship is not really coming from the cited universities, it is fair to ask where the resources are really coming from. It is again like 2001/2002, following the victory in the Kargil War, and the vindication of Indian concerns with the Pakistani involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attack. The hidden agenda of this September 11 terrorist conference may hold extreme, clear and present danger for both India and the United States. And for all free democracies and good people everywhere. With even Rutgers U. denying sponsoring, a new "List of supporters" shows that that this is a creation of JNU and Delhi U. losers in India and all over the world. See below what triggered the wailing and shrieking.

Kamlesh Kumari, CRPF