India-China Bilateral Meet – And…the talks fail

The verdict is clear. India says China is to be blamed but talks of non-military options, but China clearly says India should vacate the area. In fact, it's the same language both sides used and it clearly hints that there was no breakthrough. India is ready to yield a few inches but China wants to yield none. Does this mean China is waiting for the October-December window for attacking India and extract it's pound of flesh and is just passing time till then, trying to humour Indians and lull them into a false sense of security?

Indian Caste Narrative – Sifting Fact from fiction

When the Europeans tried to make sense of Indian caste system, they have a model readily available - the Sistema de Casta. It was almost identical fit but not an exact fit...The vilification of caste system(which is regularly confused with caste hierarchy) is main stream now. Any evil India faces is a result of caste system. But, there are some fundamental questions which need to be addressed before trashing it as something abhorrent to human nature.

Zorawar Singh and Sengge Namgyal – The Validity of Indian Claims on Tibet

This is in fact, the claim of both China today and the Dogra General Zorawar Singh then. While Zorawar Singh claimed Guge as a part of Ladakh and tried to take it over, China claims Shipki La etc for being a part of Guge and Ladakh because it's a part of Tibetan Empire...Going by the strategic importance Minsar and Darcheng have, commanding the access to Lipulekh, Maryum and Tinker Passes and slicing G219 into two, it makes much sense for India to reassert Indian and Bhutanese sovereignty in a manner it deems fit.

Government Control of Temples – What Next?

While one can wish away Government control of Hindu Temples, it's not such easy a proposition to find an answer. Which one is better? A better management of temple under government control or a private management for a temple?

The Hakenkreuz-Swastika Debate

The Swastika-Hakenkreuz debate flared up yet again clearly highlighting the need for sensitivity and knowledge in the society. A prominent handle, @StopAntisemites on twitter led a lynching campaign against a Hindu student who tried to differentiate between the Nazi Hakenkreuz and Hindu Swastika... In fact, Murphy is accused of deliberately mistranslating Hakenkreuz into Swastika leading to the perpetual hate against the symbol. His clerical background and Nazi Germany rejecting Murphy's translation further hints at a deliberate malice.

The Construction of Han Chinese Identity and it’s relevance to Aryan Invasion Theory

The remnants of the subdued race supposedly fled to other parts of India, closely followed by the Aryans who slowly populated the whole of India, with the Aryan culture taking it’s own time to reach the extremes of India. It took almost 2500 years for isolated tribes to evolve into the concept of a single China. Why should this be different in India?