In a bizzare incident, idols of Hindu deities, including Hanuman and Ganesha, were discovered in the wreckage in Gujarat’s Vadodara. The idols belonged to small temples on the Old Padra road that was razed for the ongoing construction of a flyover nearby, according to local residents.

Residents near the Navlakhi ground were appalled to discover Hindu deities laying amid the debris on Saturday, May 21. A group of locals led by advocate and activist Niraj jain sat on protest demanding the reconstruction of the temple.  Hindu activists such as Viren Rami and Swejal Vyas along with Viren jain recited hanuman chalisa during protest. Advocate Jain expressed his concern over the idols’ vulnerable situation, claiming that they belonged to minor temples (debris) that were demolished for the construction of the flyover on the Old Padra Road.

Jain asserted, “These are from the temples on the Old Padra Road. There are idols and images of deities along with Lord Hanuman.” When Jain saw the idols near the manmade pond at Navlakhi Ground, he declared a sit-in protest there until local authorities did not arrive.

Vadodara Mayor Keyur Rokadia and Municipal Commissioner Shalini Agrawal arrived on the scene after the uproar. The authorities promised that the idols would be moved and reinstalled with respect as soon as possible. After arriving at the location, Rokadia and Agrawal did pooja for the statues. The mayor stated that the Hanumanji idol will be temporarily relocated near Shanidev Mandir in Tasali, but that the idols will be returned to their rightful position.

He further stated that a probe into whether the idols belonged to the temples on Old Padra Road near Rockstar Circle would be conducted. The idols did not belong to those from the temples on the Old Padra Road, according to a Vadodara Municipal Corporation employee. He added, “Idols from the temples so demolished were installed in a dignified manner at a Hanuman temple in Gorwa, Baliyadev temple in Salatvada and Bhathiji temple in Akota.”


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