Sadhguru is known for starting many important initiatives which affect humanity.  His latest effort is #SaveSoil and the launch date for this initiative was March 7. 2022.  Right before the official launch where Sadhguru began his motorcycle ride to bring awareness to the importance of soil, several evil yet well-organized efforts came to the fore which clearly showed the derailing of the #SaveSoil movement.  Meaning, the hate campaigns began against Sadhguru right on the eve of his latest and major project which affects humanity.

#SaveSoil & Conscious Planet

This movement by Sadhguru is designed to bring the environmental disaster issue on the public and government agendas around the globe.  According to his programs and lectures, the topsoil is in danger.  For example, the soil is depleted of nutrients and a banana that grew 50-100 years ago was more nutritious in comparison to the same banana today, which contains about 10 percent of the nutrition from 50-100 years back.  Long story short, we are facing not just an environmental crisis but future wars are predicted to be fought for water and food.  It is imperative to save soil now, and thus Sadhguru’s bike tour from London to India, educating and getting people excited about saving the planet and saving our soil.


Mahashivratri is an annual event and the Isha Foundation is known to organize night-long Jagran parties.  In the past few years due to the pandemic and despite the pandemic millions have participated in the festivities of Mahashivratri from around the globe – either in person or via YouTube live streaming.  Sadhguru has been organizing the annual “parties” for years now. Isha Foundation is known to invite talented musicians from around the globe and feature well-known and lesser-known artists from Bharat.
Adi Yogi or the first Yogi is the star and highlight of the entire event.  Adi Yogi, also known as Shiva Bhagwan is celebrated at Shivrati which occurs every month according to the Luni-Solar Hindu calendar.  However, Mahashivratri occurs only once a year and people stay up all night as this is considered to be the time of great spiritual possibilities.
A couple of events from Shiva’s life are associated with Mahashivratri.  Celebration of his marriage with Devi Parvati is one such aspect and another is Shiva consuming poison and holding it in his throat and thereby saving humanity from destruction and gaining the title Neelkantha.

Contemporary Times

Fasting, performing kriyas, engaging in meditation, etc., go along with Mahashivratri and the Isha Foundation has ensured continuous fun as well as serious programs to keep viewers and yogis engaged globally.  Among the many artists invited it is not uncommon to find singers and songs about Sufi traditions.  There is no doubt that Sufism was an outright jihad pilot project on Bharat’s soil.  However, Isha folks seem to have craftily included the ali-maula-pir-fakir sing-song and artists in the lineup year after year.
This year – 2022 – Mahashivratri lineup was no different.  An artist named Master Saleem seeming from a Muslim or Sufi tradition began his performance by paying obeisance to both Sadhguru and Adi Yogi.  During his 50 plus minute performance, he narrated how as an artist he/his team got situated in their rooms, getting ready for the performance, and also described the spiritual experience he had being in front of the Dhaynalinga.  Saleem mentioned tears flowing from his eyes for no reason and he seemed to pay respect to the entire experience.  He dropped to Sadhguru’s feet, touching his feet/shoes, and said this is where he belongs.
This could be real or it could be al taqiyya.  However, the ‘trads’ went wild after the program and accused Sadhguru of being a secular sellout.  The important point to note here is that Isha has been inviting non-dharmic, aka Abrahamic performers to the program for years.  However, this was the year when the hue and cry were the loudest.  The haters seem to have laid the trap for Sadhguru fully knowing that there would be some Muslim artist or another who would sing Adi Yogi’s praises during the program.
It is no coincidence that the hate trap was laid and it is even less or a surprise that non-left personalities from Bharat walked right into the trap.  Should Sadhguru be questioned about Isha’s intentions about inviting artists from outside the dharmic fold?  Sure.  Should Sadhguru’s name and reputation be dragged through mud right before he inaugurates the biggest movement which will affect all of us and the coming generations?  I think not.
Instead of giving importance to the #SaveSoil initiative, our top non-lefties are engaging in shaming Sadhguru and fixated on Mahashivratri night.  I wonder if they saw the entire program?   I see the ali-maula-sufi-fakir singing as initial steps to Ghar wapsi.  Let’s try to identify any other guru who has initiated and converted millions to dharma via yoga.  Sadhguru is a stand-alone entity and needs to be respected not only for his humanitarian initiatives but also for inspiring Muslim artists to chant and sing about Shiva.
Either you can see the glass as half-full or half-empty.  However, if you are obsessed with the one, questionable decision by Isha while missing the global environmental movement, you are missing the forest for the trees.  This is the disease that affects Hindus – they are always fixated on leg-pulling and decimating other Hindus.  What have you done to save humanity or soil or the environment?  How many Muslims have you convinced or inspired to sing about Shiva Bhagwan?  How many Ghar wapsis have you performed in your life?
Non-lefties, stop jumping on the leftist bandwagons and use your discriminatory power to discern what is the need of the hour.  You have 354 days to criticize Sadhguru.  But instead, you took the leftist route and engaged in shooting your own on one of the most important days for him and his supporters, not to mention how the issue affects entire humanity.  You acted like blind sheep followers.  You have missed the forest for the trees.  Sadhguru might forgive but Posterity might not be as kind.
Image: Sadhguru YouTube Channel

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