Ayurveda is as eternal, everlasting as nature and you are as fleeting as science. 
Allopathy comes in handy when I get sick - that's right.
Do not fall ill, - teaches Ayurveda - and this is a good thing.
It is a war of disease versus yoga and that too at a time when this epidemic crisis on the world has been due to the craze of "medical research and exploration" for the past few decades, mostly challenging natural systems and established traditions. Today, due to one of them, it has stood before humanity.
So let's start from here and before you say anything, it should also be known that father is father and son is son. Ayurveda medicine is as old as humanism and allopaths themselves.
Now when there is a conflict between the two, then why should the matter be corrected - everything from home spices, home grown basil, neem, galloy plants / bells etc., are all of Ayurveda's medicine. And even today, these herbs are the basis of the drugs that Allopathy is producing.
Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has often raised unnecessary controversy due to his bravado, but this time when he adopted the method of enlarging his line to shorten his streak and corona allopathy. Stating unsuccessfully in fighting the epidemic, allopathy lashed out at the medical sciences and the doctors, although the union of the doctors was so hurt that they were fully entitled to it.  That in spite of apologizing to Baba Ramdev for this entire episode and statement and apologizing, a jater filed a defamation suit for the entire 1000 crores. 
Now, to be a little more piercing, first, the Indian Medical Association is not the sole representative of all the doctors in the whole of India, just as the Thakat Saab is not the representative of the farmers across the country. These medical associations have been formed for the welfare of the doctors to solve their problems and give consent to all the private / foreign companies by taking money in their products, in which the products have no basis for confirmation of the claims. 
Even today, in time of Corona, there are plenty of evil doctors who have hoarded medicine for their families and twisted the system to their benefit.  These doctors don’t even want to serve in rural areas.  Why?  Because they don’t remember the oath they took to serve humanity.  Why would he serve his fellow brethren in rural areas… he does not get the opportunity to earn big money there.
Even today there are hundreds of such cases every day when doctors from big five star hospitals to small nursing homes indulge themselves in heinous crimes like exploitation, extortion of money, organ transplants and oxygen and drug black marketing even in this corona period.
After all, why this defamation case has not been done on the doctors whose knot, and their written slip, stands in front of every hospital in the country, an entire army and clan of medicine, X-ray, CT scan, path lab businessmen for whom Sick, the victim is just and only a customer came to rob.
There are dozens of reasons and the more the perforations are done, the more unruly the face will appear to be unkind and fierce. Then Baba Ramdev, Jumma Jumma, has barely introduced the country and the world to the power of Yoga, Ayurveda, Medicine in just ten to fifteen years, and it was only in these years that he became a challenge to the empire of modern medicine. Shame for therapy.
And if you want to listen well then listen, you are more than degree holder (now many and only because of reservation system), they are able to serve small medical people, they have more access to the common people. Is, where ever you see the sick, then do not let them go to your high-end hospitals. Despite these rules, the government therefore had to enact binding rules.
Modern medicine from the beginning to the present day, with all the resources / remedies / options - X-ray, CT scan, path lab, and which support can go ahead with the side effects of all these methods from medicine. Only. That is, in the course of treating poison with poison, one has to swallow some poison.
Now the thing is that only serious illnesses like AIDS and corona have to be effective only and allopaths only - let the mind take a little attention that all these diseases which have become disastrous for humanity today are born to them and their spread is also due to a very enthusiastic group of yours which has done its ul Jalul, full of cynicism and most of all adverse medical experiments and investigations.
Ayurveda is as eternal, everlasting as nature and you are as fleeting as science. On the talk bar, the people who have themselves challenged their own words, their own evidence, their own facts - and the only difference is that this time this challenge has been given by a proven disciple of Yoga and Ayurveda himself.
Think whether this time is the right time for all these things. And Baba Ramdev must also believe and maintain that there is no need to curse, compare, compare any other medical method to prove the superiority of Ayurveda, it was not there before and now it is not at all.

Source: translated from: https://kreately.in/allopath-versus-ayurved/?lang=hi

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