Every year we celebrate children’s day, but what we really do for children, distributing some sweets and singing some songs on children’s day. At maximum we go to some orphanage and distribute some gifts, that’s all, but is that really enough?

As per recent data, approximate 10 crore children still live below poverty line, as per Ministry of Labor of India, there are 300,000 children who live as bonded labours, according to 2011, approximate 4 % children in India still work as child labour

Apart of all this even if we go to local market of our society, we find a child working in every second shop which we visit.

Some of us even feel proud of being a very good masters of our child servants because because we pay 100-200 more to our servants from others. But is that enough, aren’t you stealing the child’s innocent future, does he really has the age of working?

Some of us blame government for everything, as all the responsibility belongs only to government, why, we don’t eat the country’s salt?

Some of us are even more daring, like some of the teachers of government schools, who take the salary from government but do nothing for children.

Some feel only sorry and sympathy in their hearts, some say that they are getting the same which they did in their previous births.

But believe me all these are nothing but the mere excuses which we are giving. If we are living in the developed society, calling ourselves civilized, then why we keep such narrow views. Even if the half of the couple living in India decide to adopt even a single orphan child, then the day would come when their would be no orphan left in the country.

Every parents toil their maximum to fulfil the dreams of their children, but nobody looks at the street children, why, they also have some dreams. If even the one fourth persons living in India decide to fulfil the dream of at least single child, then a day would come when their would be no illiteracy and unemployment in the country.

Not every responsibility rests on the government. Some social issues could only be fulfilled by the progressive thinking of the society. Even if the government provides for money, who will provide for love and care. There is no alternative of parents love. This fact can be well understood by those who have lost some dear, realize the pains of orphans, develop some progresssive thinking, at last we should remember the words of Kailash Satyarthi, “If not now, then when? If not you, then who?”

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